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The power of the .org domain for your mission-driven clients

Finding unique avenues to expand your customer base is essential for growth and success in today’s digital era. The .org domain offers a valuable opportunity to tap into a diverse market of organizations, nonprofits, businesses, social enterprises, and individuals passionate about making a positive impact.  A symbol of credibility and integrity, millions have used the […]

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April 2024・Commercial, Domain Names

7 .art domains to inspire your clients

The .art extension has been adopted by creatives and artistic institutions worldwide who want to create a memorable digital presence and first impression that clarifies their purpose. Today, we’re celebrating World Art Day, and human creativity more broadly, by showcasing some awesome .art websites. We hope they inspire you and your creative clients. Anatoliy […]

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March 2024・Industry Insight

ICANN79 recap

ICANN79 was held in beautiful Puerto Rico, where the windowless, extremely air-conditioned conference center provided sometimes-welcome relief from the bright sun, heat, and humidity of San Juan. The sessions covered a broad variety of policy and operational topics, and we’ll look at a few of these below. DNS Abuse Amendments The Amendments to the Registrar […]

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Mono Solutions is simplifying sales and site-building for digital service providers

Denmark-based Mono Solutions is a white-label website-building platform for businesses that sell and build websites at scale. Their customer base consists of digital marketing agencies, online directories, telcos, and hosting companies that want to streamline their sales and site-building lifecycle while fostering great relationships with small and midsize business (SMB) clients. Since launching in 2007, […]

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Decentralized social media: an untapped opportunity for digital service providers 

A vast and growing group of creatives and influencers rely almost exclusively on social media to connect with their audience and, in many cases, monetize their work. They may differ from traditional business owners selling products and services via a website. Still, nonetheless, to digital service providers, they are potential customers in need of a […]

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Storefront: what it is and who it’s for

We just launched Storefront, a turnkey solution that lets you sell domains right from your website and give customers a means to self-manage their accounts. It’s now available for free to all OpenSRS reseller partners—no integration work required. Storefront was designed to meet the needs of agencies, hosting companies, and digital solutions providers who want […]

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Digital security: understanding the importance of encryption, data sovereignty and certificate lifecycle management

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, where connectivity is the heartbeat of modern society, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. This article explores three critical aspects that contribute to a secure and interconnected world: the value of encryption, the concept of data sovereignty, and the significance of certificate lifecycle management advantages. The […]

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Tiered Access update: centralized system development, and updated statistics

Our most recent Tiered Access update introduced the ICANN Community’s pilot project for a central intake point for registration data disclosure requests. Now called the Registration Data Request Service (RDRS), this pilot is intended to help gather volume data to inform the ICANN Board’s decision about building a permanent, more feature-rich centralized data request system.  The project […]

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Tapping into the new creator economy with .bio

The creator ecosystem is experiencing a period of dramatic change. Creators and influencers are rapidly re-writing the world of branding, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. For those in the business of helping individuals establish an online presence, this shift presents a major opportunity worth pursuing.  The state of the creator economy Remember when Instagram was for sharing […]

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April 2023・Commercial, Domain Names

Help businesses get .Online

From singing lessons to printing, there’s no shortage of products and services people are searching for online. The convenience these online service providers offer has fundamentally changed consumer behavior. While the pandemic may have familiarized most of us with work and school from home, the popularity of online services like meditation apps and skill share […]

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March 2023・Industry Insight

ICANN76 recap

The ICANN76 conference in Cancun wrapped up on March 16 and, while the setting might seem odd for a conference on policy and internet governance, it was a productive few days. In her opening remarks, ICANN Board Chair Tripti Sinha spoke about this time as an “inflection point.” ICANN’s role in managing the domain name […]

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Tiered Access update: policy check-in and updated statistics

Tucows launched our Tiered Access Compliance and Operations (TACO) platform nearly five years ago in May 2018. Since then, we’ve processed thousands of disclosure requests, supported hundreds of requestors with their legitimate needs for the disclosure of domain registration data, and made ongoing improvements to our TACO platform (the most recent of which are discussed […]

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TACO Platform updates

We are very pleased to announce several updates to the Tucows TACO Platform: Domain registration data lookups are now automatically disclosed to the domain owner, simultaneously with the data being provided to the requestor; TACO users can view their own account information; TACO users can report inaccurate data directly through the lookup results page; Finally, […]

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What do domain status codes mean?

When you do a Whois lookup on a domain, the results include a lot of information. It’ll look something like the image below. Most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory, but the meaning of the “Domain Status” field values isn’t always so clear. In this post, we’ll explain what the various status codes mean, so […]

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October 2022・Commercial

Three reasons for your e-commerce clients to build a brand with .store

The global e-commerce industry has never been bigger. And eMarketer’s global forecast of $5.5 trillion in retail e-commerce sales for 2022 is a testament to this fact. This boost in e-commerce may have started as the COVID-19 pandemic forced buyers and sellers to change their behaviors, but the USA’s International Trade Commission predicts that the […]

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October 2022・Industry Insight

ICANN75 recap

I had intended to participate remotely in ICANN75, as I did for the past few ICANN conferences, but these plans were disrupted as I was called for jury duty and unable to attend most of the sessions. This blog post is thus gratefully dedicated to our RrSG Secretariat and the several RrSG members who provided […]

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June 2022・Industry Insight

ICANN74 recap

If we’ve known each other or worked together for any significant period of time, you know that I have a strong sense of FOMOW—fear of missing out on work. The hybrid-format ICANN74 meeting simultaneously eased and exacerbated those feelings. I was so glad to be able to participate in sessions remotely but found myself longing […]

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Targeting content creators with .blog

There are millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations that provide regular content to their audiences. For some, content — be it workshops, courses, or paid subscriptions — is the core of their business. For others, it’s a means to strengthen their brand presence and win potential customers by providing real upfront value that welcomes them […]

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January 2022・Industry Insight on how to build a successful hosting business

Jonathan and Tim Brealey are somewhat of a legend in the domains and hosting industry. The duo founded UK-based registrar, 123-reg, back in 2000, launched Heart Internet in 2004, and, in 2016, began, which in five short years has grown into one of the leading hosting providers in the UK. We had the opportunity […]

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How to become a domain reseller

Every website needs a domain name. So, whether you provide hosting services, a website builder or e-commerce platform, IT services, or any combination of the above, offering domain names alongside your core product is a smart move. Making it easy for your clients to register domain names can simplify the user experience, increase customer stickiness, […]

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February 2021・Better your business

How offering domain names will boost your business

If you provide a website builder, e-commerce, or hosting solution, you’ve got a lot on the go. Maybe “set up an integration to sell domain names” is on your to-do list, but it’s not your top priority. Here’s why it should be. 1. Domain names help you win new customers Registering a domain name is […]

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