Finding unique avenues to expand your customer base is essential for growth and success in today’s digital era. The .org domain offers a valuable opportunity to tap into a diverse market of organizations, nonprofits, businesses, social enterprises, and individuals passionate about making a positive impact. 

A symbol of credibility and integrity, millions have used the .org domain to turn their mission into action. From global corporations to grassroots initiatives, organizations of all sizes and backgrounds are known for making a positive impact worldwide. In the past 5 years, the .org Impact Awards have recognized 190 outstanding “.orgs” from over 70 countries. Through the awards, Public Interest Registry – the people behind .org – has awarded $505,000 USD for transformative work. The below “.orgs” reflect a diverse set of customers that continue to grow each year.


Established in 2016, HERhealthEQ was created to reduce the equity gap in healthcare access for women worldwide. Today, HERhealthEQ is committed to advancing global women’s health equity by providing access to medical equipment and devices to detect, prevent, and treat the most prevalent non-communicable diseases affecting women and girls in developing countries. 

Good Sports 

Sports and physical activity are important for children’s well-being. Good Sports ensures that cost doesn’t keep kids on the bench. They drive equitable access to youth sports and physical activity by supporting children in high-need communities to achieve their greatest potential – on the field and in life.

Our Sansar 

Almost 10 million children live in poverty in Nepal. As such, many children fall victim to life on the streets, trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and child labor. Our Sansar aims to provide Nepalese children with a path that’s free from abuse and a route away from poverty. Their End Child Labour project works to free children from illegal work and give them access to education and a brighter future. 

Creativity Explored 

Creativity Explored is a nonprofit art studio and gallery that partners with developmentally disabled artists to celebrate and nurture their creative side. Founded in San Francisco over 40 years ago, it now serves 130 artists and has helped bolster the careers of hundreds of disabled artists. 


Skateistan has pioneered a global movement in skateboarding and arts-based learning. They build skateboarding infrastructure and schools, deliver programs and equipment, and facilitate a network of social skate projects in more than 20 countries worldwide.


CorpoAyapel promotes the sustainable development of the Ayapel wetland ecosystem and its community. Their various programs are built to develop the territory’s potential and promote improved economic, social, and environmental conditions to support the area’s inhabitants. 

Second Mile Haiti  

Second Mile Haiti is committed to the long-term health of Haitian families. It combats acute childhood malnutrition through innovative residential treatment, empowers women with education and income-generation skills, and tackles systemic barriers to health and well-being. In the last decade, its services have helped thousands of Haitian families get and stay healthy.

Adding .org to your portfolio offers endless ways to grow your business and expand into this global community. Public Interest Registry is now accepting nominations for the 2024 .ORG Impact Awards. Encourage your .org customers or prospects to apply now!  

About Public Interest Registry 

Public Interest Registry is a nonprofit that operates the .org top-level domain – with more than 10.9 million domain names registered worldwide. 60% of the proceeds from each .org registration contributes to keeping the Internet open, free, safe, and accessible. These commitments help maintain a clean domain space, enabling .org to achieve consistent growth, low abuse, and industry-leading renewal rates.

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