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Premium Domains

Resell Short & Memorable Premium Domain Names

Get easy access to millions of available aftermarket and registry premium domains. Turn “unavailable” search results into profits with minimal effort.

Why sell premium domains?

Increase domain profits

Sell more, improve your bottom line, and attract higher-quality clients by offering sought-after premium domain names.

Boost customer satisfaction

Help your customers find the perfect domain and prevent them from turning to competitors.

Sell more

Prevent existing and potential customers from turning to the competition by providing the name they need.

man earning commission from aftermarket premium domains man earning commission from aftermarket premium domains

Earn commission from aftermarket premium domains

Earn commission on aftermarket premium domain purchases and sales. We’ve partnered with Sedo and Afternic to help your customers buy or sell already-registered domains through you.


Offer aftermarket domains to your customers right from your website and make 10% commission on all sales.


Streamline the selling process by helping your customers list a domain for sale through you and automatically complete the transaction as soon as a buyer comes along. Set your service fees as you like.

Already have an account and looking to enable this service?

Set your own margins on registry premium domains

Unlock access to in-demand domain names sold for a non-standard price set by the registry. You’ve got complete control over which types of registry premiums you want to offer and what the final selling price should be.

Offer domains your customers will love without a ton of work

Seamlessly add premium domain registration right into your existing checkout flow or website-building process. Whether you want to start small and register premium domains through our control panel or scale up using our API, OpenSRS gives you the flexibility and tools to succeed.

Wherever you’re at, it’s worth partnering with a registar that supports your long-term growth by enabling you to register both aftermarket and registry premium domains via API.

customer loving their registry premium domain name customer loving their registry premium domain name

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Frequently asked questions

What are aftermarket premium domains?

Aftermarket premium domains are domains that are already registered by someone. These domains are listed by the owners through aftermarket partners, and their prices are set by the current owners of the domains. Once purchased, an aftermarket premium domain is transferred to the new registrant, and from that point onwards it is treated as a regular domain, meaning it renews at the registrar’s standard price.

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What are registry premium domains?

Registry premium domains are brand-new domains with high market values that are sold by the registry at a non-standard price. These domains are not currently registered by a company or individual. Registry premium domains start as low as a few hundred dollars. Some have a premium transfer or renewal price in addition to the premium registration price.

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Are premium domains worth it?

Premium domain names are usually short in length, simple, brandable, and meaningful. Because domain names are considered to be a long-term and worthwhile investment in a business’s brand and online presence, many people are willing to pay a premium price to obtain the perfect one. Plus, premium domain names can also be resold in the future, and people often profit from doing so.

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