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Email migration

Migrate to
OpenSRS email

We know email migrations can be daunting, and we try to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. We have outlined a step by-step checklist to help with the transition.

Looking to migrate
over 5000 mailboxes?

Let our professional services team help with complex and larger migrations.

Migration Checklist


  • Inform users about the migration timelines and recommend backing up their email files.
  • Introduce users to the new email platform and how to use webmail.
  • Lower the time-to-live (TTL) value to less than an hour on the domain DNS zone records. (Required)
  • Ensure that the same users exist on both email platforms. If you have a large number of accounts, you can use the bulk tool to create users in the OpenSRS Control Panel.


  • Watch the complete email migration walkthrough video in preparation for the migration.
  • Configure defaults for branding and default company preferences, including account limits, language and mailbox sizes.
  • Update webmail settings to match your branding requirements, including logos and colors as well as access to optional features.
  • Stop provisioning new email accounts until migration is completed.
  • Stop allowing password changes for email accounts.
  • Extract the existing address books and calendars on behalf of each user and save them as a vCard file.
  • Inform your users well in advance that they shouldn’t make any changes to their address books or calendars after you extract the data.
  • Send each user their vCard files, with instructions on how to save the file and how to import contacts in OpenSRS webmail once migration is complete.


  • Notify users when migration is complete.