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Sell domains right from your website

Use OpenSRS Storefront to sell domains and enable your customers to self-manage, all without any integration work. 


Create a seamless domain registration experience 

Launch your branded domain reseller Storefront and start selling domains in minutes.

  • Deliver a consistent, fully branded experience that lets customers search for, purchase, and manage domains
  • Automatically send transactional emails from your specified @yourcompany address
  • No minimum requirements – perfect for companies with 10 or 10,000+ customers

Capture payments with a fully built checkout flow

No more searching for domains on behalf of your clients. Make it easy for them to explore options and find their perfect domain using a white-label reseller storefront.

  • Enable customers to search for domains and display available alternatives
  • Fulfill orders and process payments through a modern checkout experience
  • Include upsell and auto-renew options during checkout

Manage your customers and their services

Storefront makes customer management easy, whether you’re reviewing their transactions or helping them troubleshoot.

  • Easily search for customers and review their services and transaction history
  • Update payment details and process registrations, renewals, contact changes, and payment info updates on their behalf
  • Log in as the customer to manage their account and services

Want a simple turnkey solution to sell domains?

Storefront streamlines your experience and that of your customers. You can start reselling domains from your website without any coding and let your customers self-manage.

Don’t have a reseller account yet? Get started

Who is Storefront for?

OpenSRS reseller storefront is for anyone looking to deliver an on-brand domain registration and management experience without investing in development resources to make it happen.


Website builders

Business service providers

Software and IT service providers

Hosting companies

Designers and

Setting up your reseller storefront is easy


Get set up for payments

Provide your banking details to automatically receive payments from your Storefront sales.


Set your selling prices 

Set your margins to determine the retail prices for new registrations, renewals, and redemptions for the TLDs you want to offer.


Customize your branding 

Update your logo, colors, content, and home page link to create an on-brand experience.


Go live and start selling

Direct your customers to your unique Storefront home page link to let them search and make purchases!

Features to simplify reselling domains

See all Storefront features

No monthly or annual fees

Storefront comes free with your OpenSRS account. There’s a simple processing fee (3% + $0.95 per transaction).


With Storefront, adding domains to your product lineup takes minutes.

Customizable pricing

Apply a standard margin for all domains or set custom prices for each TLD you offer.

Secure payments

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Diners Club payments and get paid directly to your bank account.

On brand

Set your content, logo, colors, and URL to create a consistent customer experience.

Manage customer accounts

Update customer accounts, domain settings, and process orders on behalf of your customers.

How does pricing work?


Set your selling price

Determine pricing at bulk by setting a default margin or set custom margins for individual TLDs. 


Only pay the processing fee

No monthly or annual fees – there’s a simple processing fee (3% + $0.95 per transaction).


Get paid to your bank account

We’ll auto-deposit your Storefront balance into your bank account, no action required on your part.

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