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SSL Certificates

Resell Top SSL Certificates at the Right Price

Offer every customer the right SSL certificate for their unique needs. Ensure protection with basic encryption, and provide more choice to those looking for extended SSL options. Access a complete range of SSL certificates at wholesale prices.

Why buy SSL from OpenSRS?

Get wholesale SSL prices

Secure your customers’ websites easily and affordably, and benefit from attractive pricing across our portfolio.

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Single Platform for Managing Domains and SSLs

Save time and resources by managing SSL certificates and domains in a single platform. Use our control panel, API, or a combination of both.

Wide Selection of SSLs

Access a wide selection of certificates to resell as stand-alone products or include them as part of a package—we’ve got the options you need.

Protect against fraud and identity theft using trusted SSL providers.

When it comes to SSL, you got choice

Some sites need free basic protection, and others need to establish the highest possible level of consumer trust. We’ve got the certificates you need for every customer and resources to make reselling SSLs easy.

The right level of authentication

EV certificates

Recommended for e-commerce sites

Extended validation (EV) when consumer trust and security are critical for online transactions.

OV certificates

Recommended for sites with login credentials

Organization validation (OV) when credibility is vital for handling sensitive data.

DV certificates

Recommended for informational sites

Domain validation (DV) for basic security and encryption on all other websites.

The right type of certificate

SAN certificates

Protect multiple domains name with a single certificate.

Wildcard certificates

Protect unlimited subdomains for a single domain with a single certificate.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between SSL certificates?

Domain validation (DV)
Inexpensive, essential protection recommended for personal or hobby sites where consumer trust is not a major factor and transactions aren’t taking place. DV certificates are issued in minutes by providing proof of domain ownership via a simple email validation process.

Organization validation (OV)
Affordable protection recommended for small to mid-size businesses where validation of the company is essential. OV is best for sites with low-volume e-commerce transactions. ​​The certificate authority confirms that the business associated with the domain name is registered and legitimate before issuing the certificate, which takes about 1-2 days.

Extended validation (EV)
Proven to boost customer confidence. Recommended for mid-sized to enterprise sites where customer confidence is vital. It’s a must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and e-commerce. EV certificates are issued in 1-5 days, after the completion of a strict validation process that follows standardized industry guidelines.

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What is the difference between SAN and wildcard certificates?

SAN (Subject Alternate Name) certificates protect multiple domain names under a single certificate. For example, a single SAN certificate can cover,, and

Wildcard certificates protect unlimited subdomains within a single domain under a single certificate. For instance, a single wildcard certificate can cover the primary domain,, as well as its subdomain,

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What are the benefits of SSL?

Securing a website creates peace of mind. It’s an industry-standard practice; most browsers will display a warning when a site does not have an SSL certificate. Many website visitors immediately know their data is protected when they see HTTPS at the start of a URL. More savvy customers may examine the type of certificate and the level of validation it offers for assurance that the site is legitimate.

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