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Hover Connect Partner Program

Domains for your customers. Zero work for you.

Hover Connect makes it easy for your customers to register a domain and point it to your service in seconds. 

Why choose Hover Connect?

No maintenance or support work

Your customers’ domains will be fully managed by Hover. All you have to do is point them in the right direction.

Improve your customer experience

Include a free or discounted domain from Hover in your subscription or package options and make it easy for your customers to register their domain and connect it to your service. They’ll be grateful you did.

Prevent them from going to a competitor

If you don’t offer domains, there’s a risk your customers will register theirs with a competitor. Don’t send them on a Google search. Refer them to Hover instead.

Introduce them to a service they’ll love

Your customers will manage their domains through an intuitive interface and connect directly to a customer advisor based in North America if they ever need help.  

How does the Hover Connect Program work?

Hover Connect integrates directly with your service offering.

The experience for service providers

  1. You provide Hover the DNS settings that a domain name requires to work with your service, such as a CNAME or A record.
  2. Hover creates a co-branded “Your brand + Hover” landing page. Any domains purchased through this page will automatically have the proper DNS settings applied as part of the registration process.
  3. You can connect with Hover’s simple API to automatically generate and track domain vouchers for your customers.
  4. You direct your customers to this co-branded landing page to register their domain — that’s it!

The experience for your customers

  1. They register their domain with Hover through the landing page link you’ve provided.
  2. They search for and purchase their domain name—at a discount, thanks to you!
  3. Once they complete registration, they’re directed to a co-branded landing page and click a button to connect their domain to your service.
  4. Finally, they’re rerouted back to your service, now with a working custom domain name!

If they forget to use your unique link, no problem. They can select your service using the Hover Connect tool within their Hover control panel.

Who uses Hover Connect?


Tons of big-name site builders and digital service providers. Hover Connect helps them create a smoother customer experience without having to manage or offer support for domains.

Why do domain owners love Hover?

We’ll let them speak for themselves. We’re confident that your customers will love Hover too.

Gary Martin

We’ve been using Hover for twelve years for client sites. Hover customer service is the best we’ve experienced from any domain provider. Hover makes it extremely simple to manage domains and email. We wouldn’t even consider using anyone else.


Kevin Hamilton

We switched to Hover in 2014 and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Hover lets us manage our domains the way we want, with an interface designed to get things done quickly and efficiently, rather than being focused on upselling. Hover has respect for its customers and we love them for it.

Under My Roof

Kristy Bonjour

Hover makes everything easy and automatic. They make it simple to find a great domain and I know they’ll never let me forget a renewal. This lets me get on with more quilting!

Bonjour Quilts

Who is Hover, anyway?

Hover provides domain names and email for people around the globe. They’re Tucows OpenSRS’ sister company and part of the Tucows Domains family of brands. Hover is well-loved because they offer fair pricing and a simple control panel with no annoying up-sells. They also have incredible customer support—no aggravating phone trees, just help from real humans. Your customers will be in good hands with Hover.

Get Started with Hover Connect

Want to be a Hover Connect partner? Awesome. Submit this quick application and we’ll be in touch!