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Decentralized social media: an untapped opportunity for digital service providers 

A vast and growing group of creatives and influencers rely almost exclusively on social media to connect with their audience and, in many cases, monetize their work. They may differ from traditional business owners selling products and services via a website. Still, nonetheless, to digital service providers, they are potential customers in need of a […]

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Storefront: what it is and who it’s for

We just launched Storefront, a turnkey solution that lets you sell domains right from your website and give customers a means to self-manage their accounts. It’s now available for free to all OpenSRS reseller partners—no integration work required. Storefront was designed to meet the needs of agencies, hosting companies, and digital solutions providers who want […]

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Five ways to help your clients build a strong eCommerce identity

Building a strong eCommerce identity is crucial for businesses looking to compete in the online marketplace. It encompasses elements such as brand image, values, and reputation, which help businesses create an emotional connection with their customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. However, creating a compelling brand identity can be challenging and, for small eCommerce businesses, […]

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