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GDPR updates: top 10 reseller questions

We had a great turnout for our GDPR webinar, and attendees asked many intelligent and insightful questions about the regulation and our implementation of its requirements. We’ve made available a PDF of the full Q&A session, but if you prefer a shorter read, here are some of the highlights: 1. Compliance sounds as simple as […]

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Check out our GDPR webinar

If you’re looking for a short and sweet summary of the GDPR (well, as short and sweet as a summary of any legal policy can be), this is the video for you!  Presented by one of our resident GDPR experts, our Reseller webinar explains the fundamental concepts of the GDPR, why it matters to service […]

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Support done differently: How OpenSRS prioritizes customer experience

At OpenSRS, we believe that customer service is part of the product. Customer expectations are evolving, and as the bar rises, we strive to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not enough to simply have a strong product offering and low prices. We know our resellers expect dedicated support from agents that understand their unique […]

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Which new gTLDs should I offer?

The huge variety of gTLDs out there can turn the task of curating a lineup that makes sense for your business into a rather daunting undertaking. Instead of getting bogged down by all the variables that could weigh into your final decision, I suggest you focus on the handful of key considerations that really matter. […]

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August 2017・Better your business

Why you should outsource your email infrastructure

Owning and managing your own hosted email infrastructure can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you have absolute control over your email operations, but on the other, there are technical, financial and sometimes emotional costs involved. An IT team equipped with four-leaf clovers and tissue boxes may not be the best approach. Luckily, there’s […]

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Sign up to stay informed

No one likes spam. That’s why we limit our emails to information that’s of real value to you. For the most part, this includes updates on promotions, product launches, new features, and price changes, as well as relevant industry news and thoughtful advice. But most importantly, we rely on email to notify you of impactful […]

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Understanding the registry, registrar and registrant hierarchy

The domain industry is complex, technical and sometimes unforgiving. Part of what makes it unique is the multilevel channel involved in creating a domain from scratch to making it viewable on your browser. Unfortunately, the creation and distribution of domains are far from straightforward. They involve multiple parties, doing different things, in different ways, with […]

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How often do you think about account security?

We seem to only talk about account security in the aftermath of an attack or breach. It feels like the worst possible time to do so, as it’s reactive, and begs the question, “why weren’t these preventive efforts made earlier?”. Nothing bad has happened this time (we hope it will continue this way) but in […]

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SSL marketing 101

Offering SSL certificates is a sure way to grow your margin, spice up your product line and make a positive dent in the web security space. But where do you start? Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as marketing domains. It requires preparation, patience and practice. The extra layer of complexity combined with numerous options causes […]

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