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ICANN’s new transfer policy will impact your business and your customers

Domain transfers between registrars and registrants happen thousands of times every day. You would think that such an ubiquitous process works well, like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, ICANN and the ICANN community do not share this view. ICANN has recently concluded a lengthy review process of all the policies that govern domain transfers in the […]

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April 2016・Better your business

PIN verification system

OpenSRS is happy to announce the arrival of the new PIN code verification system. After contacting support, you may be asked to authorize your request by confirming the PIN code found on the dashboard tab of the new reseller control panel.   This new system is designed to quickly and easily validate support requests where […]

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Refined domain pricing list

We have just launched an improved version of the domain pricing list. We have added new subtle features as well as refined familiar ones to make domain searching more efficient. What’s new: One-pager We have merged Available domains and Upcoming domains into a single page. Simply toggle between the two tabs to view each section.   Price + type […]

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September 2015・Better your business

Always-on SSL

When people think about SSL certificates, they’ll usually consider them useful for protecting certain aspects of a website, such as the checkout section when buying something online, or perhaps on a larger scale, online banking or webmail. Having a non-secure page for general content and then directing visitors to a secure page when they need […]

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DV, OV or EV? How to offer the right SSL certificate

One question we are asked time and time again is “What level of SSL security should I offer to my customers?” The answer is a nebulous “it depends”. When it comes to SSL certificates, it’s very important to understand what customers are trying to accomplish before you can make a recommendation. Customers may be buying […]

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The top 25 new gTLDs for the month of April

.CLUB takes the number one spot as the top performing new gTLD for the month of April. This extension has always been in the “top club” (pun intended). It is no surprise to see .WEBSITE and .SPACE in the top 10. Both of these extensions have promotional pricing ($7.50/first year only). In addition, there has been […]

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February 2015・Better your business

Free Webinar: profit from “selling right”

OpenSRS and Symantec would like to invite you to this exclusive 60-minute live webinar: Profit from “Selling Right”. Join Jeff Barto on chapter two of our Training Series where we will cover the strengths and benefits of how to best leverage a multi-brand SSL portfolio to offer uniquely flexible options for your customers. During this […]

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