There are millions of domain name possibilities waiting to be registered, but what about domains that are already taken? Premium domain names are an easy way to drastically increase the number of options for your customers to choose from by offering domain names that are currently registered.

What are premium domain names?

Quite simply, premium domain names are domain names that are already registered. The owner of a premium domain name believes that it is of significant value, and so a higher-than-average cost — or “premium” — price will be sought in order to part with the domain.

There are two types of premium domains that you are able to offer your customers through OpenSRS: aftermarket and registry premiums.


Aftermarketing_Premium_DomainsAftermarket premium domains

Aftermarket premium domains are owned by individuals that have set a price for their domains and listed them on an aftermarket service. This is similar to listing something you own on Kijiji or Craigslist, only they are listed on services that are properly equipped to facilitate a domain name ownership transfer.

Through OpenSRS, you can list results of aftermarket premium domains through two of the major aftermarket marketplaces: Sedo and Afternic. By adding these marketplaces to your search results, you’ll instantly add over 20 million options for your customers to choose from!


pre_premiumRegistry premium domains

A registry premium domain is an unregistered domain that the top-level domain’s registry has assigned a unique price due to its premium nature. These will commonly be shorter domains or domains with popular keywords. Unlike aftermarket premium domains, a registry premium domain can have premium renewal and transfer prices as well.


What premium domains mean for your business

Adding premium domain names to your domain offerings can help your business drive more sales while also satisfying your customers.

More revenue

By offering premium domains, you will have more inventory to sell to your customers. Plus, by increasing your margins and commissions for premium domains, you can earn more per transaction compared to a standard domain.

Happier customers

More domain names means better chances that customers will register the best possible domain for them. This means higher satisfaction with their domain names, and also establishes your website as the go-to place for finding the best domain names available.

Ready to help your customers find the best domain names for their websites? Take a look at our documentation and learn how you can get started.