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Six ways to avoid phishing attacks

In 2021, cybercriminals delivered a tsunami of cyberattacks. PhishLabs reported a 47% increase in phishing attempts from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. Another report by Cisco Umbrella revealed that of the organizations they surveyed, an astounding 86% had at least one employee try to connect to a phishing site. Phishing, and all its variations, continues […]

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Privacy and lawful access to personal data at Tucows

Tucows provides reasonable, lawful access to non-public registration data; this means constantly working to balance the privacy rights of registrants against the rights of third parties, most of which, in our experience, are related to intellectual property rights (90% of all requests). In addition to the usual statistics, this update also includes a deep dive […]

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Phishing attacks against registrars

You may have heard that many high-profile domain registrars are being targeted by a massive phishing attack against domain owners. We have received reports that some of those attacks are using Tucows branded emails to target some of our resellers and possibly end users all over the world. The fraudulent emails claim that a particular […]

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Security update

**This post was updated on August 12, 2015 at 12:30 PM EST.** On August 4, 2015 our security team identified and stopped unauthorized access to one of our systems. As a result, we reset all reseller Control Panel and Reseller Web Interface (RWI) passwords. Since then, we have worked 24/7 to complete an extensive investigation […]

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Help save domain privacy

One of the benefits of being a reseller is that your registrar takes on the task of working within the domain name regulatory environment for you. Occasionally, however, pertinent issues arise and it is our job to inform and engage you. Currently, there is a working group within ICANN responsible for building a regime to […]

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Help eliminate malware: public request for comments

The Internet can be a dangerous place, even for the professionals who live and breath it. Imagine the frustration felt by website owners after realizing their site has been compromised and attempts to infect its visitors, many of them potential customers. StopBadware, a non-profit organization, founded at Harvard University in 2006, helps stop badware: viruses, […]

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Contact Privacy video now available for download

Internet privacy is a big deal these days. Privacy breaches at various sites have exposed sensitive data like home addresses, phone numbers, email, and more. But for domain name owners, there’s another easily preventable privacy pitfall out there that could cause just as much headache as a major social networking site leaking their personal data. […]

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