At OpenSRS, we believe that customer service is part of the product. Customer expectations are evolving, and as the bar rises, we strive to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not enough to simply have a strong product offering and low prices. We know our resellers expect dedicated support from agents that understand their unique needs, and rightfully so.  As a wholesale registrar, we’re deeply invested in the success of our resellers and want each interaction you have with OpenSRS to leave a positive impression that contributes to a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership. That’s why we do support a little differently.

This year, so far, you’ve filled out 5413 satisfaction surveys (thank you!). This feedback continues to drive changes to many aspects of our business. Here are some of the initiatives we have taken up to improve customer experience:

A new, AI-powered, self-serve Q&A tool

While we pride ourselves on having a highly trained, highly dedicated support team, we also understand that you want quick, self-serve options. This year we introduced AnswerDash, an AI-based tool that instantly presents you with answers to the most commonly asked questions, all of them written by our experienced advisors. You may have noticed the new Help pop-up on our website or Knowledge Base. Give it a click to view dynamically generated content relevant to the topic or page you’re on!

A gif showing how to use the Q&A tool

This new feature also enables you to provide, quick, immediately actionable feedback by making suggestions on what you’d like to see added, or rating how helpful you found the Q&A content to be. We can then publish and curate content that better serves your needs. So keep an eye out for the orange tab!

 A redesigned Registrant Resource Portal

We recently revamped our Registrant Resource Portal, which you can find at Now, you may be wondering what this website is, and why it exists. Registrants often find their way to OpenSRS in search of help and confused about where to find it. This happens more than you think! Our job is to point them in the right direction and provide them with a way to reach out to you, their service provider. We also take the opportunity to offer them a bit of helpful context, shedding some light on what can be a rather confusing industry.

A gif showing how to use Q&A on the Tucows website

A world-class customer support team

More often than not, the support teams of large companies operate in isolation and suffer from high turnover rates. Our emphasis on cross-departmental collaboration and investment in the long-term success of our advisors make OpenSRS an exception to this rule. The result is a team of dedicated, self-driven problem-solvers. People are looking at more than just price when searching for their service provider. And though great customer service comes at a cost, we think the price is well worth it.

Our team is available by phone, email, and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, recognizing that there’s a difference between being “available” and being responsive, we aim to answer every email in under 24 hours, and every live chat or phone call in under a minute. More often than not, we hit our goals. Go ahead give it a shot — we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with our response time. In short, if you want knowledgeable, genuine, script-free, advisers who are committed to your long-term growth, we have you covered.

 A comprehensive System Status page

Following will keep you up to date on the current status of all OpenSRS products and services. We understand your business depends on the reliability of ours, and we are dedicated to keeping you informed when outages do occur. On this page, you will also find any scheduled maintenance notices on our platform including all details regarding services affected and timelines. To make it easy for you to stay in the loop, we offer a self-serve subscription feature that can be filtered down to the product category. If you prefer to receive notifications by SMS or by Twitter rather than email, no problem—that’s also an option.

Outages and degraded performance are rare, but when they do happen, you can count on transparent communication and timely updates as we work to implement a solution.

So, thanks!

We understand that you have options… thanks for choosing OpenSRS! Your expectations are our expectations, and we’re committed to using your feedback to raise the bar even higher.