If you’re looking for a short and sweet summary of the GDPR (well, as short and sweet as a summary of any legal policy can be), this is the video for you!  Presented by one of our resident GDPR experts, our Reseller webinar explains the fundamental concepts of the GDPR, why it matters to service providers, and offers some tips on how to prepare. Created with Resellers in mind, it also provides a concise overview of the reseller-impacting changes we’re making at OpenSRS.

If you’re looking for more info on one of the topics that we touch on here, check out our GDPR blog posts. We also provide a handy Reseller FAQ on our GDPR resource page.

Note: The information contained in this video is non-exhaustive and should not be considered legal advice. You should consult with your lawyer to determine the impacts of the GDPR on your business.

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