City TLDs offer a lot of value for smaller businesses. Establishing a digital presence is no small task, and finding the perfect domain (which is hugely important) can be difficult. Using a city TLD in their domain name adds meaning and gives them other great options if the .com version of their first-choice domain is taken. Here are five reasons to offer relevant city TLDs to your customer base:

  • More choices available: many of the short, highly desirable names are already taken, but there are generally more domain names available with new TLDs, including city TLDs. It’s an opportunity to make your customer’s day by presenting them with an option they love, but maybe hadn’t considered.
  • Celebrating being local: attaching the name of their company to their city is an attractive solution for locally focused businesses. A business domain with a city TLD quickly and efficiently establishes the geographical location of that company.
  • Creating a sense of community and belonging: a city TLD makes it easy for a business owner to connect with their local customers.
  • Elevating the trust and perception of their website, in particular, because many city TLDs have a good reputation (they are less  frequently used for activities such as phishing scams).
  • Standing out: city TLDs stand out in a URL and carry with them a strong sense of identity and connection with the city they represent.

The benefits behind the scenes

There is also a more subtle but equally valuable reason that a city TLD is a strong option for small businesses.

A CityTLD can help with SEO. It is particularly useful in matching businesses to locals and those looking in the area. Categorizing a business with a city TLD can garner more engagement in local searches, which can push the website up the ranks. This, in turn, can contribute to higher engagement, and being matched to more relevant users generally translates to higher interactions and conversions.

46% of Google searches are for something nearby or in an area the user might be planning to travel to, so making use of geographic location is one of the best ways to stand out from competitors.

Case in point: .LONDON domains

Small businesses can be found on almost every street in London. From cafés and bars, to beauty salons and flower shops, small businesses abound and play an integral part in making the UK’s capital such a dynamic city. In fact, London has the highest number of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in Europe, more than 1.03 million. In the first half of 2022, there were 90 new businesses opening every hour.

All of those businesses need a website and a domain name. And because those businesses are by Londoners for Londoners, .LONDON is a natural way for them to focus on and appeal to their local customers.

The official domain for London with a solid reputation

The .LONDON domain is the city’s official domain name and instantly evokes what the city is known for globally: art and culture, fashion and creativity, financial services, and international events. 

The .LONDON top-level domain is highly trusted and holds lots of brand equity. Businesses that use .LONDON are seen as official, with strong holdings in London’s online—and often physical— landscape. And because the city has such history, caché and economic importance,  .LONDON domains appeal to both international users that are visiting or buying online, and locals looking for a service close to them. 

.LONDON is operated by Dot London Domains Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of London & Partners, which is a social enterprise with a mission to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable, and inclusive for London. Over this year and next, London & Partners is expecting to broaden its range of support for London businesses.

Tons of domain names available

Many .LONDON domain names are still available, meaning that businesses have a good opportunity to claim the address they’ve always wanted. 

Offering .LONDON and other city TLDs is a fantastic opportunity to allow small business customers to establish and showcase their brands, join a community of fellow .Londoners, and build on the success of the city’s online portfolio. 

No matter what businesses are offering, whether it’s a product, experience, or service, all businesses want customers. As a domain service provider, you can offer companies the chance to define their brand and directly contribute towards their success. 

London is one of the world’s global cities. It has an international influence, and those with a .LONDON domain can reap its benefits by showing their roots. Give businesses the chance to join the hundreds of other .Londoners that are claiming some of London’s official online capital today. 

Meet the .Londoners that are already gaining success from using a .LONDON domain, or read more about how a .LONDON domain can boost a business online.

This post was written by our partners at Dot London Domains Limited Registry.