With over 700 top-level domains (TLDs) to choose from, it’s no wonder you might struggle to determine which will resonate most with your customers. If you’ve been avoiding addressing the challenge head-on, we have some tips to help you give your customers what they want while elevating your business. 

Call it the secret sauce: when you have quality TLDs up for offer at consistently affordable prices, you can help gain customer loyalty through renewals and trust. This simple formula will help you carve out a competitive advantage amongst other service providers and, in turn, boost your profitability.

First off, what are the characteristics of a quality TLD? 

A TLD is much more than an address; it’s a statement. A solid one reflects relevance, credibility, and professionalism – instantly earning trust from visitors. When your customers select their TLD from a sea of TLDs, they want something memorable that communicates purpose and identity. 

The key to determining what quality looks like for your audience is knowing who your customers are and what they want. Take the time to understand your customers’ niche or vertical. When you think like them, you can identify what TLDs would best support their mission, identity, and business goals. Spoiler alert: we’ll get more into specific TLD examples below. 

Now, what makes a TLD affordable? 

We know, we know, affordability is subjective. That said, whether your customers are procuring a domain on behalf of a big company or are independent entrepreneurs, they’ll likely be working with some sort of budget. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be looking at affordability loosely in terms of pricing that doesn’t invoke sticker shock but instead helps keep your customers renewing year after year. And if you fold the cost of a domain into a subscription or package rather than selling them stand-alone, the TLDs highlighted here will make financial sense for you, too.

You want your prices to be accessible to a broader audience, including startups, content creators, small businesses, and enterprises. This inclusive pricing is about finding that sweet spot where quality meets value and keeps customers returning to renew.  

About renewals: they’re the often-neglected aspect of the domain reselling game. Imagine a customer who loves your service registers a TLD that’s currently on sale, but when renewal time comes around, they’re met with a substantial, unexpected spike in cost. Ouch! Don’t get me wrong; offering your customers a deal on their domain is excellent, but the size of the discount matters. Paying a $5 sale price for a domain that renews at $30 makes you save a few bucks in year 1. Paying $5 for a domain only to realize it will renew at $300, not so much. 

When TLDs have reasonable renewal prices, you’re not just closing the initial sale but helping to foster long-term relationships. This reduces the likelihood of customers jumping ship due to renewal surprises. We’ve kept this in mind; some of the TLDs we highlight below are on sale, but, as is the case with all our TLD promotions, none have a drastic difference between their sale and renewal (or regular) price.

When quality and affordability intersect: TLDs that we can get behind.  

While this is far from an exhaustive list, here’s a TL;DR summary of TLDs that we think are pretty swell from an affordability and quality perspective. For each, we’ll cover who it’s for and what makes it so awesome (beyond a price point that won’t break the bank): 

  1. .Online
    Who it’s for: The TLD says it all: perfect for startups, freelancers and enterprises
    Its superpower: Starting at $5*, this TLD is great for businesses and individuals seeking a modern and memorable domain to reflect their digital presence 

  2. .Blog
    Who it’s for: Ideal for bloggers, content creators, and businesses with online blogs
    Its superpower: Starting at $5*, .Blog is tailored for content creators to carve their niche online, build a personal brand, and share their unique perspectives

  3. .Cloud
    Who it’s for: Caters to tech enthusiasts and businesses in the cloud computing space
    Its superpower: Starting at $12*, this TLD communicates innovation and a forward-thinking approach, attracting tech-savvy customers

  4. .Org
    Who it’s for: An excellent fit for non-profit organizations, community groups, and charities focused on social impact
    Its superpower: Starting at $11.30*, trust and credibility are associated with .Org – it promises to help drive home your customers’ mission-driven initiative 

  5. .Shop and .Store
    Who it’s for: Both are crowd-pleasers in the e-commerce world
    Its superpower: Starting at $3* for .Store and $4* for .Shop, these TLDs will help your customers establish their retail identity and offer instant recognition as a shopping hub

  6. .App
    Who it’s for: A popular pick for app developers and tech startups
    Its superpower: Starting at $16*, .App is a great destination to showcase innovation and technological currency

  7. .Live
    Who it’s for: Used by broadcasters, live event organizers, musicians, and other performers
    Its superpower: Starting at $26*, your customers can highlight their  real-time, interactive experiences, streaming services or upcoming performances

  8. .Co
    Who it’s for: Mass appeal for companies, individuals, and organizations
    Its superpower: Starting at $25*, this versatile TLD is often used as an abbreviation of ‘company’ or ‘corporation’ to enhance a business’s professional image

  9. .Club
    Who it’s for: Tailored to community groups, organizations, and internet-based clubs
    Its superpower: Starting at $15*, .club evokes a sense of connection and belonging to help highlight an online community

  10. .Art
    Who it’s for: Well-suited for companies or individuals in the art industry,  cultural organizations, collectors, and artistic platforms
    Its superpower: Starting at $15*, .art offers a dedicated digital space for creators to showcase their portfolios, work, and designs

  11. .Space
    Who it’s for: A favorite among tech startups, co-working space businesses, and content creators
    Its superpower: Starting at $5*, .space emphasizes collaboration, exploration, and modernity – think innovation and progress

  12. .Site
    Who it’s for: Suitable for e-commerce businesses, portfolios, or personal projects
    Its superpower: Starting at $8*, this TLD works well with a wide range of applications and will surely attract a diverse customer base looking to build their online presence.

So, let’s sum it up. The equation is relatively simple: high quality + affordability = a winning strategy. Elevate your business, attract a diverse clientele, and keep them coming back for more. It’s not just about selling domains; it’s about building lasting relationships in the ever-expanding digital landscape.  

*Pricing is current as of the time this article was published. Things change over time, so we don’t guarantee the currency of the content in this article.