Whether running a freelance web dev business or launching the next big site-builder, domain names can be key in generating long-term revenue and enhancing the customer experience. However, some benefits of offering domains might not be immediately apparent. Let’s look at how adding domains to your service lineup, whether as part of a subscription model or as a stand-alone product, can be a smart and impactful move for service providers.

Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction

Domains are another thing you can take care of for your customers. In doing so, you simplify their experience. They won’t have to log into another platform to connect their domain to your service or update their DNS settings. Instead, they can do it all from your customer interface. Many of our partners build domain registration into their signup or website-building flow to reduce friction and keep life easy for their customers.

If your business model involves working closely with your clients, being able to register domain names on their behalf keeps life simple for them and ensures you can access their DNS settings and nameservers. With OpenSRS’ wholesale domains platform, you can do all this while having your customer as the official domain registrant. They own the domain name, but you can handle the management. As an OpenSRS reseller partner, you also have access to our Storefront solution, which allows you to give move tech-savvy customers a means to self-manage while maintaining access yourself. Learn more about the benefits of Storefront.

Cultivate long-term customer relationships 

Because domains are generally not a huge expense, many people renew their domain year after year with the provider they registered it with originally. If you’re offering various digital solutions, supplying customers with this critical digital asset can keep the door open to the adoption of other products and services down the road.

For boutique service providers, a domain renewal is a natural opportunity to contact clients, chat about website changes or maintenance they might require, and discuss new opportunities to work together.

Attract new customers

A domain search tool on your site can win clients who may not have otherwise stumbled upon your services or signed up with you. For many, securing their domain is a fun and exciting first step in their passion project or entrepreneurial adventure. It’s also worth noting that people often register their domain months before building a website. By meeting this need for people in the beginning stages of building their online presence, you get in at the ground level and increase the chances that they’ll consider you for other services later.

Get an edge over your competitors

Simply put, if you don’t offer domain names, but your customers need them, they may end up registering with a competitor. Offering domain names in-house reduces this risk. 

If you don’t like the idea of managing your own domains service, the next best way to mitigate this risk is to refer them to a non-competing domain provider. We highly recommend our sister company, Hover. They have a partner program, Hover Connect, and an affiliate program that enables you to outsource domains while maintaining a great customer or client experience.

Appeal to clients in the rapidly growing creator economy

Nowadays, many creatives and influencers begin their venture on Instagram or TikTok, relying on a simple (and free) link aggregator to serve as their website as they get started. They might not be ready for a full-blown website, but investing $20/year in a domain for their “link in bio” that helps build their brand long-term is attractive even when budgets are tight. When they’re ready for a more robust online presence, their domain is waiting.

Capitalize on the rise of decentralized social media

For many social media users, be they influencers, journalists, or traditional businesses, the value of domain names goes beyond a memorable link in bio. The social media era has been dominated by a handful of large platforms that operate as “walled gardens,” in which the platform provider has total control. They can change their policies, adjust algorithms, or shut down accounts at their discretion. 

In response to the uncertainty this creates, many social media users are seeking greater control and ownership over their content, and domains are playing a critical role. Some people have turned to open-source solutions like Mastadon and Bluesky, which are hosted on independent servers and rely on domain names instead of classic social media handles. Some are adopting a strategy called POSSE: Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere. Those who do need a domain name for their website, as simple as that site may be. Offering domains becomes an easy way to engage with this demographic. Learn more about how decentralized social media represents an untapped opportunity for digital service providers.

Domains can provide a meaningful source of revenue 

Some providers choose not to make money on domains. For others, domains are their whole business. Even if you plan to set a modest margin, domain sales can provide a solid and recurring revenue stream. You can also offer registry premium domains, which can be priced in the thousands, helping you attract high-value clients and make a substantial margin.

Ready to start offering domains?

Awesome. You’ve got options, and we’re here to help you understand which is best for your business. For example, if you’re a boutique design firm, you might consider manually registering domains on behalf of your customers using our control panel. If you’re scaling up a website-building solution, you’ll likely use our API to integrate domain registration into your platform seamlessly. We even offer a turnkey Storefront solution for those who want to sell domains right from their website without any integration work.

And hey, if you’re curious about further elevating your customer experience, check out the benefits of offering low-cost email as a value-added service.