The .art extension has been adopted by creatives and artistic institutions worldwide who want to create a memorable digital presence and first impression that clarifies their purpose. Today, we’re celebrating World Art Day, and human creativity more broadly, by showcasing some awesome .art websites. We hope they inspire you and your creative clients.

Anatoliy Anshin is an artist deeply immersed in traditional Japanese culture, a passion that began in his youth. Having lived in Japan for two decades, he earned a Ph.D. in pre-modern Japanese history, contributing to the field with numerous academic articles and a monograph. Anshin also embraced the martial art of Kendo, becoming a teacher and practitioner. In recent years, he’s turned his focus to fine art photography, capturing the essence of Japan’s natural landscapes and historic sites. Since 2019, Anshin has fully dedicated himself to his art, blending his scholarly insights and physical discipline into a unique visual narrative.

Adam Romano is a fine artist, curator, and retired tattoo artist based in Arizona. Raised in the carnival business, his unique background has fueled a well-traveled life across the USA and tropical regions. He owns Romano’s Custom Tattoo & Art Gallery and is dedicated to art activism and community enrichment. His work uniquely blends tattoo artistry with classical techniques and a dark, surreal aesthetic to explore the human condition. Romano aims to unite his craft origins with classical painting, maintaining his fascination with the macabre and surrealism.

Cormac McCarthy (not to be confused with the writer) is an impressionist painter of Irish descent, now residing on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, USA. Having gained both national and international popularity, McCarthy’s gallery showcases his commitment to raising awareness about environmental conservation. His diverse range of styles appeals to a broad audience, with paintings that reflect the beauty of our planet and underscore our duty to protect it.

Stephanie Scott is a Seattle-based abstract oil painter known for her geometric compositions, combining symbolic color, hard-edged shapes, and gold leaf to convey deep emotional themes. She began her artistic journey after a significant event in her youth and has developed her distinctive style through rigorous training and education, including a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and further studies at Gage Academy. In addition to her visual art, Scott hosts “Brush Work,” a podcast aimed at emerging artists and shares her creative process live on Twitch, engaging a community of collectors and enthusiasts. With two residencies at the Jerusalem Studio School under her belt, she is a self-represented artist showcasing her work in the Pacific Northwest.

Munson is a fine arts center in Utica, New York, that aims to advance art appreciation and stimulate personal creativity. Through its Artist-in-Residence program, it offers emerging artists teaching opportunities, financial support, housing, and exhibition space.  

The Houdek brothers, Filip and Lukáš, collectively known as Glassbrothers, have made a mark in the art glass scene with their studio They specialize in creating art pieces inspired by their passions, most notably cycling and motorsport. Their work blends artistic imagination with technical precision, showcasing their deep connection to these themes. Rooted in passion and craftsmanship, their art appeals to sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Their “Bicycle Obsession” collection exemplifies this synergy, attracting a wide audience with its fusion of fine materials, craftsmanship, and captivating stories.  

Julie is an artist specializing in creating oil portraits of pets, offering a unique way for pet owners to cherish their furry companions. She works off client-provided digital photos to capture the distinct personality of each pet. Her paintings are done on deep-edged, ready-to-hang canvases, using archival-quality materials to ensure the longevity of each portrait. Julie’s work is not only a testament to her skill, but also a reflection of the true love pet owners have for their animals.

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