January’s featured TLD: .CAT

Here at OpenSRS, we’re getting into the spirit of the New Year by bringing you the first instalment of our new “Featured TLD” series. In 2014, we launched hundreds of new TLDs. While most require little-to-no explanation of what kinds of customers to target, several definitely warrant a primer and that’s what the Featured TLD series will focus on. So, without further ado, let’s talk about .CAT.

First things first, .CAT is not about cats. The Internet is already crawling and meowing with cute videos and “lolcatz” memes. They certainly don’t need their own TLD. “.CAT is an attempt to represent the Catalan language and culture online,” says Fundació puntCAT, the registry operator.
The Catalan culture and language belongs to the 10 million people (comparable in population to Switzerland and Austria) of an autonomous area in northeastern Spain comprised of four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona — bordering France and Andorra to the north and the Mediterranean to the east. The city of Barcelona is considered the capital of Catalunya.

Catalunyans are fiercely proud of their language and culture. It is the most economically vibrant area of the country, boasting the highest GDP in all of Spain and responsible for nearly 20 percent of the Spanish tax base.

If you are a reseller focused on the Spanish, Italian and French markets (Catalunya stretches across Spain, France, Italy and Andorra), .CAT could be an attractive TLD to offer customers because of its alignment with the highly revered Catalan identity. It is also important to point out that if a business wants to effectively offer services in this sizable European region, it is very important to have a dedicated .CAT version of their website fully translated into Catalan.

.CAT is now available at OpenSRS for $10 (first-year registrations).

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  1. A lot of people would agree with you, Sean :) The registry requires websites using the .cat TLD to have significant content in Catalan.

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