Exciting New Developments in ccTLDs

It’s been a busy few months for ccTLDs at OpenSRS. With so much happening, we thought it would be a good time to provide an update on all the good news.

.FR domains: fully automated and available to EU residents

One of the fastest-growing ccTLDs in our offering over the past several months has been .FR, the ccTLD for France. As a result, we have just wrapped up a major overhaul of our integration that will make the extension much easier to sell.

A number of improvements are now live, including:

  • Full provisioning automation: Fulfillment time for .FR orders no longer takes several business days. Instead, names are registered immediately.
  • Automated data collection: When placing an order, it is no longer necessary to provide relevant additional information in the order notes. Instead, these are now all added via the order form directly.
  • Expanded registrant eligibility: now any person or company based in the .European Union can register a .FR name, making it a viable extension for any person or business in Europe.

These, along with some additional changes to .FR, are now live both in the test and live environments. Please be sure to consult our documentation for additional information.

Now live: dozens of new extensions that are easy to integrate

Late last year we announced the availability of many new ccTLDs via our acquisition of EPAG Domainservices GmbH. Since the announcement, we’ve been hard at work iterating on our offering and adding new features, including:

More automated ccTLDs, more information

We’ve refactored many of the extensions we rolled out last year to no longer be asynchronous. Instead, the vast majority of our extensions now return immediate responses, instead of having to regularly check an order’s status. You can find out which extensions are fully automated using our new, handy ccTLD guide.

Even more extensions: .TW, .AG, .CO.IM

Taiwan, Antigua and Barbuda, and .CO.IM (a new addition to the several extensions we offer for the Isle of Man) are all new to OpenSRS this month. Like the other dozens of extensions we’ve introduced thus far, there are no additional data requirements.

Positioning a litany of ccTLDs

With the massive expansion of our ccTLD portfolio beginning late last year, we’ve now introduced 113 new second and third-level extensions – all from the same interface and API. We realize all these extensions aren’t for everyone, so here’s a look at how we recommend you approach them both internally and to your customers.

New European markets

The introduction of our new ccTLDs led to a number of new, popular European extensions. We recommend taking a look at .PL (Poland), .PT (Portugal), and .UA (Ukraine) at the very least.

The Americas

One of the regions we get asked to expand upon most these days is Central and South America. We’re pleased to now carry several popular extensions from the region, including .PE (Peru), .PR (Puerto Rico), and .UY (Uruguay).

“Specialty” extensions

Historically, we’ve categorized extensions like .CO, .ME and .TV as “specialty” extensions – ones that have purposes beyond only serving their regional markets because of their unique branding and usage abilities. We’ve now added several names which we believe fit into this category, as they have great potential as unique extensions and do not have any additional residency or data requirements:

  • .IM (Isle of Man), .SO (Somalia), .LA (Laos), .AM (Armenia), .FM (Micronesia).

Other new regions

Several other regions and extensions also feature prominently in our list of ccTLDs, including .JP (Japan), .MY (Malaysia), .IL (Israel), .ZA (South Africa) and .NU (Niue). All of these have already proven popular among OpenSRS resellers and are worth checking out.

You can see a full list of all our new extensions by geographic region here.

Although there have been a lot of developments regarding ccTLDs recently, we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg! Keep an eye on this blog throughout the year as we continue to add more extensions to OpenSRS.

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Developments in ccTLDs

  1. Cool :)
    Is there plan to lower the price on this TLD ? My current registrar offer it for ~ $ 10.

  2. It’s a shame your support department weren’t aware of the .fr developments. I contacted them several times regarding the API requirements and order notes. The day after we put .fr live you then updated the API docs (dated 15th March 2012) on the 10th March or thereabouts, with the extra tld_data info. Very frustrating as it meant a load of reprogramming a day after we launched.

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