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Understanding the GDPR

Update: March 6, 2018 Previously, we had announced plans to apply GDPR-related requirements and processes only to domains registered by EU-local individuals*. We have since changed our approach and now plan to extend these heightened privacy and security requirements to all registrants and reseller partners. This streamlined solution ensures that our platform is secure and GDPR-compliant, and […]

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September 2017・Announcements

Intermittent degraded performance resolved

Last night we experienced a sequence of events that led to intermittent degraded performance across many OpenSRS services. At 1 AM UTC we were the target of a sophisticated DNS attack that was followed by an unrelated double failure of core network equipment at our main Canadian data center, caused by an undocumented software limitation. […]

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Sign up to stay informed

No one likes spam. That’s why we limit our emails to information that’s of real value to you. For the most part, this includes updates on promotions, product launches, new features, and price changes, as well as relevant industry news and thoughtful advice. But most importantly, we rely on email to notify you of impactful […]

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Symantec and google avert SSL meltdown

Google shook up the SSL industry back in March of this year when they released a proposal addressing “a series of failures by Symantec Corporation to properly validate certificates.” The outlined restrictions would effectively withdraw the Chrome browser’s trust in all certificates issued by Symantec. They notably included the removal of the green browser address […]

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Uniregistry price increases

Uniregistry has announced a number of TLD price increases, taking effect on September 8th, 2017. Our main concern with this type of increase is that it has the potential to undermine consumer trust in the new gTLD program. Here’s everything you need to know, and what action we suggest you take: What’s Changing at OpenSRS? […]

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Introducing Encryption Everywhere

Internet security and safety have never been more crucial. It’s rare to see an individual not connected to the web via phone, tablet or computer. Unless of course, they are living in a dark, isolated cave, located in North Antarctica, surrounded by nothing but breezes of loneliness. The point is, it’s imperative that all Internet […]

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SSL marketing 101

Offering SSL certificates is a sure way to grow your margin, spice up your product line and make a positive dent in the web security space. But where do you start? Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as marketing domains. It requires preparation, patience and practice. The extra layer of complexity combined with numerous options causes […]

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Tucows to acquire Enom from Rightside

We issued a press release today announcing that Tucows has agreed to acquire eNom from Rightside. By bringing together OpenSRS and eNom under one roof, we are definitively forming the largest wholesale registrar (since we had each been making that claim independently for several years already!) and we are forming the second-largest registrar in the world […]

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