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December 2018・Announcements, Product Updates

Comodo CA has rebranded as Sectigo

For the past two decades, Comodo CA has provided digital identity solutions to both enterprises and small businesses, issuing more than 100 million SSL certificates across 200 countries. Now, Comodo CA has rebranded as Sectigo. By rebranding, Sectigo is establishing itself as a separate entity from its predecessor, the Comodo Group, and emphasizing its expansion […]

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May 2018・Announcements

What you should know about ICANN’s May 25th Legal Action

Update: The German Court has since denied ICANN’s preliminary injunction. If you’re interested in reading the Court Order you can find it, as well as any related documents, here. If you’re one of our reseller partners or someone who follows the domain industry closely, you’re likely aware that on Friday, May 25th, ICANN filed a […]

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OpenSRS’ reseller GDPR checklist

Any time there’s a dramatic shift in our industry, we focus on minimizing the impact on our resellers and providing you as much information and assistance as possible. Admittedly, our GDPR communications work has proven fairly challenging, in part because we’ve simply never seen a shift quite as dramatic as that prompted by the GDPR. […]

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Important changes to our legal agreements

We appreciate the work that our reseller partners have done, alongside our own, to come into compliance with the GDPR. In support of that work, please review our updated Master Services Agreement and domain registration agreement. These updated contracts will go into effect 25 May, 2018.  These changes primarily relate to the registrant’s consent management […]

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GDPR updates: domain transfer process changes

TL;DR The registrar transfer process for gTLDs needs to change once the public Whois “goes dark”. The end result will be a process that creates a more streamlined experience for domain owners, while continuing to be secure against domain theft. Moving forward, resellers should use the “sw_register” API call for inbound transfers and include the transfer […]

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GDPR updates: contract changes

If you’re reading this, chances are you have questions about the GDPR and how OpenSRS is preparing. We’ve got answers! Sign up for our GDPR webinar on March 7 or March 8 to learn from one of our GDPR experts. The GDPR can be approached in terms of three fundamental concepts: 1. Consent and Control […]

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February 2018・Announcements, Product Updates

Introducing our new domain pricing structure

On March 19, 2018, we will introduce a new pricing structure for domains. This will involve increases in our list prices and a move to a tiered, four-plan pricing structure that offers resellers greater discounts by rewarding strong performance and growth. Instead of offering a single price point for each TLD, we’ll provide discounted pricing […]

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GDPR updates: obtaining consent

As we get closer to May 25, 2018, I see more attention paid to the GDPR and to how service providers will need to change to accommodate these new data privacy regulations. At the same time, we’re hearing questions from our resellers about whether this will affect them. I want to take a moment to […]

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GDPR updates: Whois changes

Update: March 6, 2018  Before we dive into Whois changes, I want to go back to something that was mentioned in our initial GDPR post – to whom does the GDPR apply? At the time, we were proceeding on the basis of applicability by citizenship, meaning that the GDPR would apply to EU Citizens. Since […]

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Support done differently: How OpenSRS prioritizes customer experience

At OpenSRS, we believe that customer service is part of the product. Customer expectations are evolving, and as the bar rises, we strive to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not enough to simply have a strong product offering and low prices. We know our resellers expect dedicated support from agents that understand their unique […]

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