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Internet security and safety have never been more crucial. It’s rare to see an individual not connected to the web via phone, tablet or computer. Unless of course, they are living in a dark, isolated cave, located in North Antarctica, surrounded by nothing but breezes of loneliness. The point is, it’s imperative that all Internet connectivity should be encrypted whether you’re inputting your bank information, sending chain emails to your grandkids, or searching for ways to remove viruses caused by unwanted chain mail. That is why we have partnered up with Symantec to bring you the Encryption Everywhere program. An ambitious program designed to equip everyone with basic web security, FREE of charge.

Wait, what? Free encryption? That’s right. Today, we are offering SSL Lite to all our resellers – a complimentary certificate that provides basic encryption without the bells and whistles. You’re probably thinking, “ok OpenSRS, what’s the catch?”. There is no catch. Really! All we ask is that your domains must be registered through OpenSRS and that you are using our SystemDNS nameservers. Once you fulfill these 2 requirements, you will be eligible to grab a FREE certificate through the Reseller Control Panel/API.

*Please note: There is a limit of one SSL Lite certificate per domain*

So what’s in it for you? There are numerous reasons why you should take advantage of the Encryption Everywhere program. For starters, you can strengthen your trust with your customers. Also, upselling to more robust certificates leads to growth. Lastly, you are contributing to a better, safer Internet for all. Yes, even for that lonely cave dweller. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. More details can be found on our program page. Also, if you want to jumpstart your SSL marketing, be sure to check our latest blog post – “SSL Marketing 101”.

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