A more secure Internet starts with you

Did you know that 97% of all websites lack basic security? Just let that sink in for a minute. Only 3% of websites are considered “safe”. Chances are, you probably visited an unencrypted site today. In an effort to make the Internet more secure, we have partnered with Digicert to bring you the Encryption Everywhere program.

Program at a glance

The Encryption Everywhere program was designed to provide basic web security to everyone, FREE of charge. This is accomplished through SSL Lite – a complimentary certificate that provides basic encryption without the bells and whistles. By participating in this program, you will gain exclusive access to SSL Lite with the opportunity to grow your business and change the Internet security game. If you’re looking for something more robust, you can always offer our other SSL products.

Why consider Encryption Everywhere?

Increase growth and revenue by upselling more robust SSL certificates later on.

Provide basic security to your customers’ websites, valid up to 365 days.

Hassle-free, instant startup and immediate validation with no commitment/application required.

Contribute to the bigger picture of a safer and more secure Internet.

Eligibility requirements:

The domain must be registered through OpenSRS.

The domain must use our SystemDNS name servers to facilitate automated certificate validation.


Don’t meet the requirements?
Here are some resources to help you become eligible:
How to transfer your domains to OpenSRS
How to switch to our SystemDNS


Getting started