Introducing OpenSRS Trust Service

Today we’re very excited to announce that OpenSRS is rolling out a brand new Trust Service that incorporates the first phase of the long-awaited new control panels for the OpenSRS platform and that we’re adding SSL certificates and other trust products and services into the OpenSRS API.

View trust services summaryIf you haven’t yet tapped into the opportunities that selling SSL and Trust products offer, then this represents a great time to look into how you can integrate SSL and trust into your existing offering.

Here’s what is happening today:

  • We’re changing the name of our SSL Service to OpenSRS Trust Service to better reflect a broadening of the product line from just SSL Certificates to things like malware scanning products and enhanced trust seals.
  • OpenSRS Trust Service is now part of the OpenSRS API and the current TPP API for SSL and DNS is being deprecated to allow for easier integration of Trust Services using a single OpenSRS API.
  • We’re rolling out a brand new control panel for the Trust Service with enhanced usability and function. We’ll be moving the Domain Service and Email Service to this new single control panel over the next little bit.

New VeriSign Malware Scanning and Trust Seal, and GeoTrust Unlimited Server Licenses

We’re also adding a couple of new products and services to the Trust Service. As of today, all VeriSign SSL certificates purchased through the Trust Service will now include malware scanning and a new Trust Seal that will give further assurance to site visitors that they can trust the security of the website they are using. The malware scanning and trust seal are included at no additional cost. We’re also bringing unlimited server licenses to all GeoTrust SSL products – one GeoTrust SSL certificate can now be installed on as many servers as required.

More Information

We have lots more information available about both the Trust Service, and also the changes to the OpenSRS API.

6 thoughts on “Introducing OpenSRS Trust Service

  1. How about moving existing RWI2 SSL client records to the new trust interface? Make renewals and existing clients easier to track since the RWI2 will be depreciated.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    this is something we will probably do once we decide to shut down old SSL interface. We were thinking of doing it, but concluded at this point it would be too confusing seeing the same cert in both interfaces, and being able to renew it twice…


  3. I have to agree with Stephanie here, we want to be able to search by upcoming expiration date ranges and renew old certificates in the new interface and stop using both interfaces. Also saving contact info so it can be used for other orders like it was in RW12 would be ideal. Lastly showing the certificates cost on the first page while adding a trust service instead of having to continue to the next step in order to see it would be nice.

  4. @Stephanie, @Josh,

    We had a quick discussion about this today and we’re inclined to agree with you. I’m not sure how this would work and there are some technical hurdles regarding how we will populate data to make it easier for new orders in the Trust Service SSL control panel. We’ll need some time to look into this and we’re a backlogged already, but I think you’re suggestion is a good one.


  5. @Ben,

    I completely agree with Josh and Stephanie. Honestly this product isn’t usable until the old data is ported to the new interface. Web 2.0 is only good if the functionality persists.

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