Internet privacy is a big deal these days. Privacy breaches at various sites have exposed sensitive data like home addresses, phone numbers, email, and more.

But for domain name owners, there’s another easily preventable privacy pitfall out there that could cause just as much headache as a major social networking site leaking their personal data.

There are thousands of home-based businesses launched every year where the owner fails to enable the Contact Privacy feature of his or her domain name, resulting in the publishing of their home address, phone number, and email address because the domain’s publicly searching WHOIS record.

There’s even a chance these businesses could be your customers.

It’s been our experience that Contact Privacy is not enabled because domain owners don’t realize that WHOIS records contain their personal information and viewable by the entire Internet.

Have you talked with your customers about Contact Privacy?

At OpenSRS, we know you’re busy with other things. Heck, domain names might even be the least of your worries. So we thought we’d make things easy on you and over the past few weeks, we put some effort into developing a white label video, along with a one pager describing Contact Privacy.

They’re ready to use ‘right out of the box’, but if you’d like to brand them, or otherwise customize, tweak, and tailor to your business, you’re welcome to do that too!

To download or preview these resources now, visit our Contact Privacy page in the Marketing Resources section of the OpenSRS website.