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September 2017・Industry Insight

The ICANN community is failing its customers

These days, anyone who registers a domain name is bombarded by a whole series of emails. While this feels spammy, many of these emails are legitimate, sent by registrars who are required to fill the inboxes of their customers with notifications and verification requests, as mandated by an ever-increasing number of intertwined ICANN policies. Even […]

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Symantec and google avert SSL meltdown

Google shook up the SSL industry back in March of this year when they released a proposal addressing “a series of failures by Symantec Corporation to properly validate certificates.” The outlined restrictions would effectively withdraw the Chrome browser’s trust in all certificates issued by Symantec. They notably included the removal of the green browser address […]

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ICANN’s new transfer policy will impact your business and your customers

Domain transfers between registrars and registrants happen thousands of times every day. You would think that such an ubiquitous process works well, like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, ICANN and the ICANN community do not share this view. ICANN has recently concluded a lengthy review process of all the policies that govern domain transfers in the […]

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Branding in the Reseller Control Panel

We are excited to announce that as of today you can configure your own branding as well as your sub-reseller branding within the Reseller Control Panel. To get started, click on the gear icon at the top right and select “Account Settings”. Configuration can be done under the NEW tabs – “Branding” and “Sub-Reseller”.   […]

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Help save domain privacy

One of the benefits of being a reseller is that your registrar takes on the task of working within the domain name regulatory environment for you. Occasionally, however, pertinent issues arise and it is our job to inform and engage you. Currently, there is a working group within ICANN responsible for building a regime to […]

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New feature: configure DNSSEC within the reseller control panel

You can now configure DNSSEC on your domain names within the Control Panel, MWI, Storefront or via the API. Please note: your DNS provider supplies the DNSSEC values that you enter for your domains. Control Panel Storefront   What is DNSSEC? DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is designed to protect Internet users from forged DNS in order to prevent DNS tampering. DNSSEC works by digitally signing the […]

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Financial management now in the control panel

  To help you manage your OpenSRS reseller account more efficiently, we have added financial management to the Reseller Control Panel. To get started, click on the gear icon at the top right and select “Billing and Payments”.  Financial management: what to expect Add funds to your account You can now add funds to your reseller […]

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Discontinuation of TRUSTe

TRUSTe is discontinuing its service. Effective Feb. 26, 2015, we will be discontinuing TRUSTe Privacy Service and TRUSTe Privacy Service with Seal products. After this date, you will no longer be able to manage, purchase or renew any of these products. In addition, all users will be required to remove any reference to TRUSTe after […]

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