In an effort to give our global resellers more insight into the top-performing domain extensions, for the past year we have been publishing our monthly top 25 new gTLDs results. One year later, we have compiled all the results to see if there are common trends.

Here’s what we found in 2015:


Consistent performers -.XYZ, .LINK and .CLUB




Throughout the 12 months, .XYZ, .LINK and .CLUB have been consistently performing really well. Every month, these domains appear within the top 10, with no signs of slowing down, especially .XYZ . This “true” generic extension took the number 1 spot a few times throughout 2015. Today we are offering special pricing on .XYZ and .LINK  – View promotions

Regional extensions




Regional extensions are very popular and have been well received. Every month, there are at least 3 regional extensions that make it on the list – . BERLIN, .LONDON and .AMSTERDAM to name a few. For example, last December there were a total of 8 regional extensions that made it on the list, 3 of them being in the top 5. This is a very strong indicator that any upcoming regional gTLDs will be among the top-sellers as well.

Digital alternatives




One trend that is apparent is the growing adoption of internet-related extensions such as .ONLINE, .SITE and .WEBSITE. Every month, we see at least 2 make it onto the top 25 list. These new gTLDs are straightforward, relevant, and need no further explanation, which makes them appealing for consumers who may not necessarily want a very niche extension. Recently, .ONLINE has sold more than 100k domains within the first 3 months, making it the fastest-growing extension to date.

One-hit wonders




There have been some extensions that performed very well in one month, but never to be seen again. For example, .FASHION and .WEDDING did great this past April, but got over shadowed in the following months. These types of extensions are unpredictable and are very difficult to gauge. Only time will tell if these gTLDs are here to stay or just the flavor of the month.

Keep an eye on the OpenSRS blog for our latest Top 25 gTLD reports to see what’s charting each month!