About a year ago we announced that OpenSRS resellers would be able to offer domain names listed on the SedoMLS network. We are now expanding the scope of this partnership and, as of today, OpenSRS is a member of the SedoMLS Premium Partner Network, which means that domain owners can also list domains that they have registered with Tucows/OpenSRS on the SedoMLS network. Transfers will be completed quickly and seamlessly.

Listing domains through the SedoMLS Premium network as Buy Now will make them available for an instant purchase by a potential buyer. The SedoMLS network will automatically execute the transfer process on behalf of the registrant, providing a fast purchase experience.

These are the benefits of this partnership that you can communicate to your end users:

Maximum exposure: SedoMLS syndicates your listed domains on more than 650 partner sites.

Quicker payouts: Domain owners receive payment within one business day of a successful sale.

Fast domain transfer: automatic transfer process that does not require the involvement of the domain owner.

A more efficient purchase cycle: Sell more by offering domains at the right price while we ensure a seamless checkout process.

Ownership security check: With Sedo’s Sell Now Assurance a domain will never be sold by accident. Sedo will check to ensure that the user still owns the domain when a transfer request is initiated.

Domain owners can activate SedoMLS Premium in the My Domains section of their Sedo account. For those interested in listing their domains who do not have an account, they can Create a Sedo Account for Free.

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