New TLDs offer website owners two big benefits: they clearly indicate the purpose of the website to visitors (and Google’s search engine!), and there are still tons of short, memorable domain names available. Website owners can choose from hundreds of TLDs beyond the classic .COM, .NET and .ORG, and while you don’t need to offer every one, you do want to provide a variety of options that speak to your customers.

The first question to ask is: which verticals or niches do I serve?

We’ve created this easy-to-scan list of TLDs, grouped by unique customer niche, all of which are:

  • Easy to implement (they have no special requirements)
  • Competitively priced, (they cost between $10 and $40 per year*)

We’ve provided general pricing for each category, and you can check pricing for specific domain extensions on our TLD pricing page.

We also want to acknowledge that there are many TLDs with special requirements or a higher price tag that are still worth offering. Generally, these extensions are geared toward a very specific customer segment for which credibility is paramount. We call out a few of these options too.

And with that, let’s dive in. Scroll through or use the links below to jump to a particular section.


The Art & Design

Music & Bands



Fun & Entertainment


Health & Wellness

Sports & Fitness

Food & Beverage

Travel & Lifestyle

Real Estate


Business & Finance

Developers, Startups & Tech

Ecommerce & Retail

Trades & Services

Marketing & Sales

The Arts & Design

New TLDs can be particularly appealing to artists and creatives, who tend to embrace the unique and be on the lookout for new possibilities. You can speak to different niches within the arts community with these extensions, all priced under $30.*











Music & Bands

Musicians, bands, and people who provide related services, such as audio engineering and production, need a digital home. Showcasing their work online is a must. The following TLDs are all priced under $30* and can be used not just for primary websites, but also to create memorable redirect URLs to market livestream events and in-person shows.











Online media extends far beyond major networks and news outlets to include thousands of podcasts, youtube and twitch channels, and publications big and small. These under-$35* TLDs are great options for both primary websites and easy-to-remember URLs that redirect to youtube and other similar platforms.














Online learning has been growing for years, but in 2020, digital platforms became the primary means of accessing education. While many of us are welcoming the move back to in-person learning, flexible courses and a greater variety of online classes are probably here to stay. The following extensions are great options for educational institutions and the countless companies and technology platforms that support them. And they all come in under $35*.














Fun & Entertainment

These fun extensions include options for those looking to promote events, attractions, social clubs — you name it. All are priced under $35*.














Health & Wellness

Clinics, hospitals, coaches, and all types of wellness practitioners can build their online home on a TLD that clearly communicates their purpose. Here are a few options that come in under $35*.









There are also a few healthcare-focused domain extensions that have been priced a little higher by the registry. Sitting in the $40 – $100 range, these are still great options to include in your offering*.







Sports & Fitness

From rec league teams and running clubs to personal trainers, fitness studios, and professional associations, these top-level domains can help those in the world of athletics secure a fun and purposeful web address. They all come in under $35*.

















Food & Beverage

It’s tough to thrive in the food service industry. For restaurant owners, being found by customers and enticing them to dine in or order online requires an effective online presence and thoughtful branding. New TLDs can help with both. Here are some suitable options under $40*.











Travel & Lifestyle

Here are some great, under-$35* options for travel agencies, lifestyle bloggers, and community groups.














We also want to highlight these great choices, which fall into the $40 – $60 range*.







Real Estate

These real-estate-specific extensions make it easy for companies and agencies, big and small,  to stand out in cluttered search results and on outdoor ads. Here are some options that come in under $40*.











And here are a couple in the $40- $60 range: APARTMENTS and.CONDOS.

Business & Finance

From general names like .COMPANY to service-specific options like .ACCOUNTANT, there are a number of TLDs for those in the businesses and finance world. Many of these extensions open the possibility of using your business name as your URL. For example, instead of, you can register

Here are a few that come in under $25*.












And here are a few attractive, though more expensive, options in the $40 – $100 range*.










Developers, Startups & Tech

Here are some extensions geared toward tech companies and developers. You might notice we’ve included one country-code TLD on the list, .IO. The official TLD for The British Indian Ocean Territory, .IO was long ago embraced by the tech industry as a shorthand for “input/output.”

Here are some tech-focused TLDs for under $35*.















And here are a few higher-priced alternatives: .HOST and .IO.

Ecommerce & Retail

As the Ecommerce industry continues to grow, new online store owners often find that their first-choice .COM is taken. Opting for a new TLD instead can help them keep their brand name short and sweet while clearly communicating the purpose of their website to attract customers.

Here are some great ecommerce domain extensions under $35.












Starting at $45, .STORE is a bit pricier than some of the others on this list, but it’s been widely adopted by ecommerce companies big and small.

Trades & Services

Many new domain extensions were created to serve professionals and trades workers, allowing them to clearly state what they do in their URL. They’re a great way to keep a web address short while still including a keyword.

Here are a few options under $25*.













And here are a few others priced at $40+*.











Marketing & Sales

Within this group we’ve provided some options appropriate for primary websites, as well as those that work well for landing pages and campaign links. All are priced under $35*.














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