Reseller control panel improvements

We have some exciting news to share. In the coming weeks and months, you will see numerous improvements to our new OpenSRS control panel.

The first step is to upgrade the existing new control panel. On November 19, you will see several changes:

  • A new look and feel. We’ve introduced a new and improved design, and reduced the amount of real estate occupied by navigation.
  • An improved filtering system. We’ve simplified how filtering works.
  • An overall increase in usage speed.

This launch is the first in a series of releases scheduled in the coming months, including:

  • Rollout of the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • Introduction of our email service to the same control panel.
  • Improved reseller and user management features.
  • Completion of outstanding features (dashboard, etc.) in order to sunset the existing Reseller Web Interface.

Interested in a sneak peek? Click the screenshot for a better look!


25 thoughts on “Reseller control panel improvements

  1. Don’t be a tease Adam, show us a shot of something new that we haven’t seen. Other than the top of the page I’m not much new here. Bulk actions on the left instead of the right?

  2. Certainly looking forward to it (and happy to help if you guys need additional development capacity). I’m surprised you’d take on inclusion of the email management bit, given that there is so much work involved in bringing over the remainder of the old control panel to the new layout. How about a screenshot of how you intend on incorporating email management?

  3. To be honest we already have 2 control panels on your system
    The so called new panel never became fully functional
    And we had to go back to the old system.
    Now you have revised the second panel again and given it a facelift .
    I hope this time the functionality gets installed and is useable as a single system that works.
    This has been a long time coming .
    I look forward to using one complete system that works
    As a self contained system

  4. While I feel that people are being overly negative, I understand their sentiment. We currently have two different landing pages to the RWI, plus a storefront interface, plus a fourth interface for the domain manager. Four interfaces to the same system is bad design to say the least.You guys find yourselves in the unfortunate situation of having a body of customers that is largely comprised of web designers and developers, which probably means that we’re hypercritical, but you guys also need to realize that and deliver based on customer expectations.
    Can we please get some comment as to why there isn’t a single rollout of a unified system?

  5. Please do not ever sunset the “old” system. It is functional, minimal, and fast. Put whatever lipstick you like on the new one, but please just leave the old one there for those who wish to still use it. We are tech-savvy and we thrive on simple text, and in many ways don’t want “pretty”.

  6. I find the current “old” one to be great – the above doesn’t look as functional to me – it looks way more complicated. I don’t know why everyone wants to change – it frustrates us and it takes forever to learn how to use it. I am not going to like this new interface one bit.

  7. Whoever from OpenSRS is reading this, please do not take this as negative. You are welcome to give me a call, as I would like to discuss it further.

    Glad you are looking to update the new control panel. I have a few suggestions, and I assume other resellers do as well. Since this is what we do for a living, please listen to us. There are a lot of things that are obvious to Resellers, but apparently not to programmers. I have said this before, but if you want to figure out what this interface should look like, open a Domain Reseller business for your spouse, and then enjoy sleeping on the couch until you fix the things.

    This list is not exhaustive, but things I have thought of while using the interface. Many of the things I am asking for are built right into Scriptaculous, so although they are changes, they are not a ton of work.

    Here are some suggestions for the Domain Mangement page:

    1. You are not going to like this, but please consider using the Scriptaculous tab libray and add a Tabbed interface as a config option for the Domain Management page. Those that want a single page that scrolls can use still use it, but I bet the tabbed interface will get more use. It would only have 7 tabs:

    Status | Security | Contacts | Nameservers | DNS | Create NS | Notes | History

    You could combine Nameservers with Create NS and Notes with History if you think there are too many tabs.

    2. Please make the Domain Lock/Unlock more Admin friendly by adding an ‘Allow locked domains to be updated’ config check box to the Settings page.

    3. In the DNS section, the ‘Add New Record’ dropdown is at the bottom of each subdomain record, but when I add a new record to a subdomain, it adds it to the top of the record. So, I have to scroll down to add it, then scroll up to manage the new record. Please add the new record at the bottom next to ‘Add New Record’ until they are saved, and then order them alphabetically within the subdomain by record type, then record value.

    4. Please make the url forwarding look and act like every other url forwarding system in the universe and hide the forwarding IP. It is confusing to clients. The only good thing about showing the IP on the new interface is that you can add forwarding to the system without having it go live until the forwarding IP’s are added. On the old interface you could do that with the ‘Enabled’ checkbox, which made the IP even more confusing, since ‘Enabled’ could be checked, but forwarding was not enabled because the IP was missing. Enabled should mean Enabled. Please add an ‘Enabled’ checkbox like you have on the old interface, and hide the forwarding IP. There are some very good web forwarding interfaces out there, please copy one of them.

    5. Please make the sections on the scrolling Domain Management page collapse and expand, and add an anchor menu at the top of the page to jump to each section. Collapse, expand and menus are options with Scriptaculous, so this should be fairly easy to achieve. Scrolling down 3 pages to get to the DNS area gets old pretty quick. If the sections collapse, you can scroll to them quickly. With an anchor menu, we could click on DNS in the menu, and it would jump to the expanded DNS section.

  8. While i think the old system could be better organized, i’m used to it and like others have said, it’s fast. I would love things i use a lot to be located nearer to the top (like the link to renewal management area. I’m less interested in how it looks and more interested in speed, and ease of use. I almost never use any of the new control panel except for the Trust manager which i’m forced to use now (and it is not as good as the old one – no alerts for expiring certs for example)

  9. We’ll have something to share on email shortly – a fair bit of work has been done, but we’re still making some adjustments. Definitely hear you on bringing over remaining functionality – that’s super-important to us. On the back end, we’ve finished up all of the supporting APIs to make this happen. On the front end, we’ll be adding all those in once we get new TLDs out the door.

  10. I can certainly appreciate the frustration, given how long we’ve had multiple interfaces. That said, yesterday’s release is a *huge* step forward for us – we’re now in a position to add things quickly and easily, and that is our intent.

  11. Thanks for all of this feedback! We certainly don’t take this as negative. We’ve already started discussing these suggestions.

  12. Where did the Domain Management button go? Two days ago I could click on a domain and retrieve the auth code to transfer, today I can’t seem to find that link. Had customer accuse me of “holding her domain hostage”.

  13. Am I missing something, or is there no way to manually initiate a transfer in the new domain system? Like some others, I prefer the old cp simply because it’s much faster, but if that’s going to go away at some point, we would need a way to perform this function since we’re dumping another registrar that shall not be named.

  14. The new control panel is a disappointment. It is less functional than the old “new” control panel. It just feels like it takes up too much space for absolutely no features. Currently I have to go back to RWI to do the following: manually queue a transfer, register a nameserver with remote registries, add funds to my account, push domains between accounts. The new control panel is an absolute joke.

    I have been patient for the past 3 years, I have listened to your excuses and given you the benefit of a doubt, but I fear that the time remaining on our relationship is becoming short. Your pricing is higher than that of several other reseller-oriented registrars and now you are killing off the transparency of the “cost-plus” system. Your DNS system sucks (I accepted that and pay for DNS through another provider) and I don’t feel like your customers are your highest priority. There really seems to be no effort or interest in fixing it or the horrible control panels.

    One of the reasons I have hung around this long is because you had good customer service, but it seems that even the quality of that is dropping. I joined OpenSRS because I didn’t want to feel like I was just another account or a number. The problem is that recently that is the way I have been feeling. If I am going to tolerate the lack of service, then I would be better off moving to another registrar that has the resources and motivation to improve themselves and not reinvent the same broken system three times.

  15. I was looking forward to better functionality … but this is not it. Whoever it is that approved this for prime time … seriously? There are so many things wrong with it …. sorting, filters, error reporting and don’t get me started on the visual aspect of it all. I really do need to see what it is I’m doing.
    As an aside, check the source code of the login page … really?

  16. It’s good to see some movement here. I’ve been using the same interface since ’99…

    My account doesn’t seem to have swapped over to the new interface, which is probably a good thing. I’ve had a look round it, but it’s just way too broken for now to be usable. I’ll just ignore it for now and come back in a few months, see if anything has improved.

  17. Wow this is really really ugly and way more clicks required to do anything!
    My Understanding of New is to make simpler not more difficult.
    As well you have removed things like user/password view which is a huge mistake for those of us that manage domains for multiple clients. I do hope these features are coming back real soon

  18. I’ve only just signed up and my control panel does not look like this. Is it rolled out for everyone? Find it very confusion, all the screens are different and … well ugly as anything!

  19. Is there some place to view a road map for the RWI and/or request features provide feedback?

  20. Leaving aside the continuing problems with the new new interface, I’m still puzzled as to why it even exists. The old interface functions perfectly well, and domain registration is still the same. About the only improvement possible on the old interface is moving to a two-column format to lessen scrolling.
    The new system is completely pointless, and frankly a huge waste of your time — you could accomplish 99% of the what you’re attempting with a new CSS setup on the old interface. Please do not “sunset” the old system — it’s by far the best part of OpenSRS. I realize that you’ve invested time and money in the new system, but it’d be great if you could buck the trend in the IT industry and show a little common sense.

  21. Any news on what might be happening. We still have the old control panel, the newer control panel and the new control panel. No sign of the email system being integrated… Would be great to have an update!

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