The migration of customer mailboxes off the troubled storage infrastructure to the new NAS clusters continues as expected.

We’re pleased to report that the migration of customer mailboxes from the specific head that was causing the issues on Email Cluster B is nearly complete, within the expected timeframe noted in our previous update. A very small percentage (~5%) of customer mailboxes remain and we expect that migration to be completed shortly.

Migrations of remaining customer mailboxes to the new storage infrastructure will begin immediately following. Those mailboxes represent 55% of the total mailboxes which were stored on the troubled infrastructure, but all of these mailboxes are stored on the “good” head that hasn’t been the cause of any issues.

The timeline for the completion of the full migration of customer mailboxes onto the new hardware remains the same – early to mid-November.

We’ll have a further update within 7 to 10 days, or as milestones are reached.