Congratulations to .CO Internet on reaching 1 million .CO domains under management!

It was less than a year ago, on July 20th, 2010, that .CO launched globally and OpenSRS was on board as one of 10 .CO-accredited registrars.

Thanks to our resellers, who saw the opportunity that .CO provided, we’ve played an important role in the .CO success story and are now the number one wholesale .CO registrar.

It was then and continues to be our firm belief that .CO would be a huge success. Seeing one million domains registered in under a year speaks volumes about how our resellers and the public have reacted to .CO.

Still growing!

In the past year, we’ve seen widespread adoption of .CO right across our reseller channel and the growth in .CO registrations continue. Our resellers, from the largest hosting companies to web designers and other Internet service providers, heard the message about the opportunity that .CO offered and brought the .CO story to their customers.

Tucows’ President and CEO, Elliot Noss notes that one reason behind the success of .CO is that people saw the obvious value in what .CO offered.

“The incredible success of .CO demonstrates without a doubt that there continues to be a need amongst Internet users around the world for highly brandable and intrinsically valuable domain names.”
– Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows

As Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet noted today, getting to one million domains in less than a year is an impressive achievement for .CO that speaks to the strength of the .CO domain, the team they assembled at .CO Internet, as well as to the work of the registrars and reseller partners who made it happen.

“To hit this milestone in less than a year is a great testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. From our retail and business partners; to the trademark and domain communities; to all the people, businesses and brands who are building their futures on .CO – we owe you a million thanks!”
– Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet

The whole team at .CO really showed the industry that there was an alternative to existing domain extensions and that a long-term marketing and awareness plan coupled with the excellent technology and a great brand, a new entrant to the domain name space could be wildly successful.

Congratulations to .CO Internet and thanks to all of our resellers for making our first year offering .CO domains one to remember.

More about selling .CO domains

If you aren’t already taking advantage of .CO in your business, it’s not too late. Visit our .CO marketing page in our marketing resource centre. You’ll find .CO banner ads, email and web copy, videos and more to get you started.

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