This coming Monday our offices will be closed to celebrate Victoria Day.

The Sovereign’s birthday has been celebrated in Canada since the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). May 24, Queen Victoria’s birthday, was declared a holiday by the Legislature of the Province of Canada in 1845. The actual holiday is observed on a Monday on or before May 24. This year, it happens to be May 23rd.

The holiday is colloquially known as May Two-Four in parts of Canada; a double entendre that refers both to the date around which the holiday falls (May 24) and the Canadian slang for a case of twenty-four beers (a “two-four”), a drink popular during the long weekend.

We like to think that if Queen Victoria were still with us today, she would take great delight in visiting the cottage and enjoying a nice cold, Molson Canadian with us.


Our good friend, Charles Oldfield, in the comments section below suggested our scene might benefit from a little pyrotechnics. We did our best to be accommodating Charles, and although it has been fun, you can see our Photoshop skills might not be up to the royal standard.

Now, on to official business:

Our technical support team continues to be available 24/7 to assist you.

Please note that during this closure, there will be:

  • No orders or requests processed for the following TLD’s: .at, .fr, .ch, .li, .dk,
  • No special processing for .ca (registrant transfers, conflicting and municipal registrations) or .eu/.be (redemptions).

Here are the hours by department:


Department Dates and hours
Technical support Regular hours
Payments Email support: [email protected]
Compliance Closed May 23nd (Monday)
Service bureau Closed May 23nd (Monday)