Privacy and Lawful Access to Personal Data at Tucows

…have acclimated to the new privacy legal landscape. Disclosure Request Outcomes, Compared It may seem counterintuitive but an increase in disclosure rates means that request quality overall is improving and signals a positive move toward appropriate disclosure. Duplicate Requests Additional information on duplicate requests can be found in OpenSRS’ Tiered Access Directory: a look at the numbers (for Period 1) and Tiered Access Data Disclosure Upd… Continue Reading

Privacy Policy

…has designated its Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) as accountable for the company’s compliance with the following principles. Responsibility for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Tucows policy rests with the Legal Department within Tucows, which shall designate one or more persons to be accountable for compliance with the Tucows policy. Other individuals within Tucows may be delegated to act on behalf of the designated person(s) or t… Continue Reading

What is a TLD?

…round since the 1980s, and were created to serve a very specific purpose: .COMCommercial .NET — Network technologies .ORG — Organization .EDU — Education .GOV — U.S. Government .MIL — U.S. Military .INT— Intergovernmental organizations Today, we’re used to seeing some of these extensions used for all sorts of websites. For example, you don’t have to be running a commercial enterprise to register a .COM domain. Others, however, like .GOV, are st… Continue Reading

A Great Domain for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs? Try .ME

…, global appeal. It’s competitively priced (and currently on sale!) .ME is competitively priced against popular legacy TLDs (.COM, . NET, .BIZ and .ORG), and right now, you can take advantage of $10 promo pricing. .ME is a solid .COM alternative Some people are able to snag, but the vast majority of us don’t have a terribly unique moniker. .ME provides a short, fresh alternative when your customer’s .COM is taken. .ME dom… Continue Reading

Why You Should Consider .SHOP

…ir URL — just think how many stores include “shop” in their name. .SHOP is competitively priced (and currently on sale!) as an affordable .COM alternative. It’s easy to market because its purpose is clear. There’s a huge potential market and room for growth as more businesses, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists hop online. It has global appeal and will perform well in different markets.   How are .SHOP domain names being used for e-commerce? Betwee… Continue Reading

Increase Domain Sales with Branded Links Integration

…eature improves mobile user experience and increases conversion rates. Telecom companies like ThreeMobile use this feature especially when they send mass SMS communications. Workspaces and roles With Rebrandly, it’s possible to create unlimited workspaces with various role profiles and access levels for individual employees. Saint Gobain, a French multinational corporation with offices in 67 countries and over 170,000 employees worldwide, uses Reb… Continue Reading

Bandzoogle: website builder for musicians

…sonate with musicians? As bricks and mortar stores become less pertinent, .COM TLDs have become a scarce resource. You’ll see many artists soon find out that long-winded .COMs leave too much room for user error, and alternative TLDs can be less costly and easier to remember. Because of this, we see many artists branching out and using .ROCKS, .BAND, and some old, trusted, but still available, .ORG and .NET options for their band. Bandzoogle plans… Continue Reading

Flazio’s White Label CMS, SiteBuilderBuilder

…For example, partners can create a unique booking site for a hotel or an e-commerce site in a few minutes and then use the script component to enrich customers’ websites with the newly added features. Continuing to grow Like all successful CMS providers, Flazio stays competitive by remaining customer-centric, adopting an end-user perspective to understand what new tools or improvements would better support not only their partners, but end-users ac… Continue Reading