Tucows acquires Melbourne IT’s international wholesale domain reseller channel

…ces and plugins to all the most popular billing and automation solutions. “Wholesale domain services for web hosting companies and ISPs has been a core component of the Tucows business for more than 16 years,” added Mr. Woroch. “Today, we are one of the largest wholesale domain name registrars in the world and the step function growth from this transaction will allow us to even better leverage our platform as we continue to invest in the business…. Continue Reading

Tucows acquires wholesale domain registrar Ascio Technologies

…esting in a platform and services that benefit resellers across all Tucows wholesale brands, OpenSRS included. Moving forward, it will be business as usual for all brands, Ascio included, as Tucows works to leverage the strengths of all brands to improve the business as a whole. Tucows has always been reseller-focused — it’s in our DNA — and this acquisition, much like that of Enom in 2017, is a testament to Tucows’ continued commitment to, and in… Continue Reading

Google gives HTTPS websites a boost

…positive and they may consider strengthening this signal in the near future. We see this as a strong trend so you may want to remind your customers about the benefits of SSL: SSL now helps with organic search rankings, which means that you get a boost in free traffic. A secure website instills trust. When users feel safer, they are a lot more likely to convert. SSL helps grow your bottom line. If you get more traffic and the traffic you get is mo… Continue Reading

Six ways to avoid phishing attacks

…re” warning when a site does not have the HTTPS security protocol enabled. HTTPS uses the TLS/SSL protocol to provide an encrypted and authenticated connection. HTTPS requires that you obtain and install a TLS/SSL certificate on your web server. This certificate can demonstrate that the organization that owns the certificate has been authenticated by a Certificate Authority. If your site doesn’t have HTTPS enabled, see this guide on how to choose… Continue Reading

Domain specific policies and practices

…ific region (defined by ICANN as Asia/Australia/Pacific region; see http://www.icann.org/montreal/geo-regions-topic.htm) In order to activate a .ASIA domain, you must provide at least 2 functional nameservers. .AU The .AU registry is administered by auDA, The Australian Domain Name Administrator. Tucows (Australia) Pty Limited (ABN 38 144 482 002 / ACN 144482002) is an auDA Accredited .AU Registrar. Registered Address: Level 11, 1 York Street, Syd… Continue Reading

What Are SSL certificates, and which SSL certificate should I choose?

…ur CA should meet these auditing standards. Maintain membership in the WebTrust program for CAs The WebTrust for Certification Authorities program was developed to increase consumer confidence in the Internet as a vehicle for conducting e-commerce and to increase consumer confidence in the application of PKI technology. Comodo CA, for example, undergoes an annual audit from Ernst & Young, which validates that: The Certification Authority (CA) disc… Continue Reading

Always-on SSL

…any images or links back to other pages on your webserver should be using “https://” instead of “http://”. Your webserver should also be set to redirect any HTTP traffic immediately to HTTPS, so that visitors start with a secure connection, and stay there. This will mitigate the effectiveness of snooping or hijacking attacks. Only as strong as the weakest link Ensuring that the content of the website is sent over HTTPS is one thing, yet the config… Continue Reading

Meet the resellers: DiscountASP.NET

…ound, in OpenSRS, a company that built a reputation for providing the best wholesale domain registration platform and service. That laser focus on the specific needs of its wholesale customers was something that Eto could relate to. The fact that he found an API and platform that he liked was icing on the cake. “We evaluated a lot of registration partners and we liked the APIs that OpenSRS had,” he says. “It made the integration and automation a l… Continue Reading