on building customer relationships in the domain industry

…y provide alongside a whole suite of professional services that empower individuals and companies to create an online presence. Today, ranks among the leading companies in Europe for domain registrations and web presence solutions. Through both their partnership with Enom, OpenSRS’ sister company, and their own accreditation, they manage more than 2.5 million domains for 900,000 active customers. We connected with Silvia Mazzanti, Head… Continue Reading

Why you should consider .SHOP

…mmerce space. Building a brand in an online landscape that gets more competitive every day is challenging, and small efforts add up. Your .SHOP domain could catch a potential customer’s eye in the sea of .COM/CA/local-TLD search results. And it emphasizes that you sell what they’re looking for. Relatedly, you’ll be including an SEO keyword right in your URL. .SHOP is playful and still has a novelty factor that can make your website stand out in th… Continue Reading

Will online shoppers buy without an SSL Certificate?

…. Each year, more and more people choose the convenience of buying and receiving items from the comfort of their own homes. For increased spending seasons like the holidays, this has meant greater opportunity for retailers — from large corporations to independent shops — to be in the right place at the right time when customers are ready to make their holiday purchases. One of the biggest challenges facing online retailers is security. Without the… Continue Reading

Hostnet: finding success with new TLDs

…ether with OpenSRS, Hostnet has been able to offer registrations under multiple top-level domains (TLDs) since 2000. OpenSRS also helped us effectively expand our top-level domain offering when the new TLDs became available, starting in 2014.   3. What’s your perspective on new top-level domains? How have they impacted your business, and how do your customers perceive them? With the right marketing, new top-level domains can be the biggest opportu… Continue Reading

The online shop checklist: help your new clients launch their business

…st a wide net and try to attract a wide range of customers, but if you’re aiming for everyone, you might appeal to no one. Especially as a new business, it’s important to choose a specific, ideal customer. It makes it easier to launch targeted marketing efforts and speak with a clear brand voice that stands out in the cluttered e-commerce space. Choose what to sell If a new online shop has the freedom and flexibility to change its product lineup,… Continue Reading

Is India ready for the big boom?

…quire more than just marketing dollars; it will require a large-scale behavioral change among consumers. Facebook is the platform of choice for most users Being on Facebook is obviously being online, but in the eyes of hosting providers, website builders, and domain registrars, the platform serves as a competitor/alternative choice, rather than a gateway to using their services. Facebook is easy to setup and maintain, and it comes with an audience… Continue Reading

Reasonably priced, easy-to-offer TLDs for unique customer niches

…ers two big benefits: they clearly indicate the purpose of the website to visitors (and Google’s search engine!), and there are still tons of short, memorable domain names available. Website owners can choose from hundreds of TLDs beyond the classic .COM, .NET and .ORG, and while you don’t need to offer every one, you do want to provide a variety of options that speak to your customers. The first question to ask is: which verticals or niches do I… Continue Reading

Make business more personal with .ME

…ce, which means you can sell it globally .ME has a personal meaning in multiple languages and supports over twenty IDN scripts, helping businesses from all over the world build their brands online. It’s a trusted domain The .ME registry monitors the namespace for spam, phishing, malware, and other forms of abuse on a daily basis. Domain holders can also activate DNSSEC for extra protection. No restrictions .ME keeps the registration process short… Continue Reading

How to videos: registration, DNS, Storefront, account funding now online

…st year. They were a great opportunity to connect with new resellers in a live, interactive video format. I thought it made sense to publish these as is, since they serve as a fairly thorough walkthrough of the OpenSRS Reseller Web Interface (RWI), covering some of the major topics new resellers have asked in the past including: Funding your OpenSRS reseller account Introduction to storefront How to register a new domain name How to setup DNS reco… Continue Reading

Bulk tools now live in new OpenSRS control panel

…corner of the panel that allows you to easily perform bulk changes and modifications to the domains in your reseller account. If you’re familiar with the bulk domain name tools we already offer through the existing Reseller Web Interface (RWI), some of the features will be familiar to you. Simply select the names you wish to modify, then select the action, and you can perform all the changes currently available today through the existing RWI. The… Continue Reading