From November 18, 2014 until April 30, 2015 when you register your .HOST domain you’ll get it for $39 (regular price is $85). sounds about perfect, right? If you’re a web hosting company, it sure does.

If you own or run any kind of web or cloud hosting, this is a great opportunity to own a namespace that’s extremely relevant to your business.

This could also be a smart, cost-effective way to provide a new entry point that will strengthen your online brand and bolster your SEO efforts. Already have a strong online brand? Then this is about protecting your namespace. Even if you’re not currently offering hosted services, maybe you will in the future. This would be the perfect domain to have in your back pocket for such an initiative.

As new TLDs come up, you need to assess whether or not you should register new domains for your brand. Do you own,, Only you can assess what’s relevant for your business. This is also something you should communicate to your end users. Protecting your brand is always a smart idea.

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