What if you could literally send or share a link? No, not some gobbledygook URL, but a real, live link? What if this all meant more margin for resellers?

Curious? Then you might want to meet a new kid on the virtual block: .LINK.

.LINK is an opportunity for resellers to offer a domain that works across brands, business types and industries.

“They have the ability to provide registrants with website names that are memorable and marketable,” says Uniregistry’s Ian Deveau. “To be linked is to be connected.”

He’s right. How many times a day do you hear “send me the link?” or, how many times a day do you share a link? While one of the differences between .LINK and traditional domains is price, that’s not the only reason it connects with users so well. As Ian points out, we’re all used to copying and pasting and sending and sharing links. That means saying something like “Hey, check out HotSneakers.LINK,” makes sense to everyone on the Internet.

And, while rattling off something like “HotSneakers.LINK” sounds snappy, there’s more to it than that. At $5.00 per year, resellers have an opportunity to seize the day (or link) as an affordable add-on to hosting or website building packages. Compared to traditional domains priced at $10.00, the .LINK world adds more to the resellers’ margins. (And who doesn’t like that?)

.LINK is the most affordable new General Top Level Domain  (gTLD) we offer at OpenSRS. Visit the .LINK page for more info.