As our hosted email service grows, we’re working to continually improve the platform while maintaining high availability.

One essential component of our white-label email solution is our Webmail, which resellers can customize and brand as their own.

So today, we’re excited to share that we’re launching a new Webmail, with improved workflows and a clean, mobile-responsive interface. Starting today, users can preview the new Webmail to get familiar with the refreshed interface before its official launch on September 5, 2019.


What email resellers need to know

If you already sell hosted email…

The new Webmail will provide your users with a better email experience. The new interface makes it easier to send emails, manage contacts, organize important events, and more.

Once you’ve reviewed your branding preferences, head to the MAC (Mail Administrator Console) to enable your users to preview the new interface. There are two “Preview” options:

Preview enabled: present your users with the option to toggle between the new and current interfaces upon login

Preview forced: automatically upgrade your customers to the new interface, without the option to revert back

Please note: If you have configured your users to use the Webmail “Default Brand,” they will automatically have the option to preview the new interface from their login page – no action required on your part.

It’s important to know that the transition to the new Webmail will NOT impact your customers’ contacts, settings, or existing data. The various functionalities and features of the OpenSRS Webmail will remain, but their look, location, and how end-users interact with them, will change.

And rest assured, your existing settings and integrations will remain intact.


Checklist for hosted email resellers

To ensure you’re able to effectively promote the new Webmail and ready for its launch, we recommend that you:

   Update your support and marketing resources

We’ve created a number of resources to help you out. On our Webmail Landing Page, you’ll find everything from reusable communications templates to detailed end-user guides—repurpose these materials as you see fit.

   Review your branding preferences

Before enabling preview for the new  Webmail, be sure to review and adjust your branding preferences in the MAC. We’ve created this in-depth guide so you can ensure your Webmail branding is on point. Read more

  Make note of the launch timelines

Today: your users can preview the new Webmail to get familiar with the refreshed interface.

Sept. 5, 2019: the new Webmail will become the default experience for all users—our old Webmail will be retired.

Let us know what you think

Between now and Sept. 5 (our new Webmail’s official launch date), we’ll be collecting feedback to help us improve the new interface. Share your thoughts


Not selling email yet?

Now is a great time to add email to your lineup! Hosted Email has all the standard features your customers want, but it costs a lot less than other solutions on the market.

It offers you the potential to boost revenue and customer loyalty while avoiding the resource and infrastructure costs associated with hosting your own email service. We also make migration easy.

Want to learn more? Contact our sales team today.