Migration guide:





Preparation (3 weeks prior)

Your current system

Lower the TTL (time to live) value to less than an hour on the domain DNS Zone records.

Learn more about lowering the TTL value

Let your users know they will be migrated to a new mail service and recommend backing up their email files.

View schedule/communication templates

Introduce your users to the new email platform and what they should expect.

View Webmail features

How to use Webmail

OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel

Set up the branding that you want to apply to the domains that you will be moving to the OpenSRS Email Service.

Branding the Webmail interface

Set defaults for branding, account limits, language, and time zone.

How to set the defaults


Your current system

Stop provisioning new email accounts.

Stop allowing password changes for email accounts.

Inform your users well in advance that they shouldn’t make any changes to their address books or calendars after you extract the data.

Extract the existing address books and calendars on behalf of each user and save it as a vCard file format. The fields in this file must be in a format that is recognized by the OpenSRS Email Service.

Learn more about the OpenSRS email format

Send each user their vCard files, with instructions on how to save them to their desktop and how to import the files into the new OpenSRS Email Service during post-migration.

OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel

Ensure that the same users exist in both the old system and the new system. You can create the accounts manually. If you have a large number of accounts, you can use the “Bulk Tool”.

Learn more about the Bulk Tool

Video: How to use the Bulk Tool


Your DNS system

Change the DNS on the domains to point to the new email service.

See how to set up DNS for the OpenSRS Email Service

DNS configuration guide

OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel

Migrating to the OpenSRS email platform requires a series of steps and configurations.

Video: Complete email migration walkthrough

Use the “Migrate Tool” tool to migrate user mail over IMAP or POP.

Using the Migrate Tool

Video: How to use the Email Migration Tool

Migration status can be viewed under Bulk Actions from the User Menu.

Re-enable/allow provisioning of accounts.


OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel

Start provisioning email accounts within OpenSRS.

Remind your users about the instructions on how to import the extracted pre-migration files into the new platform.

Reintroduce your users to the new email platform and what they should expect.

View Webmail features

How to use Webmail

Have over 5,000 mailboxes?

Professional services migration

Our Professional Services Team can help with complex and larger migrations.