This past year, businesses started getting the opportunity to register a variety of domain extensions that relate to specific industries or business functions (such as: .BUSINESS, .EMAIL and .SERVICES to name a few.) This new virtual real estate presents important and exciting opportunities for companies with an online presence.

With this ever-growing universe of domain registration possibilities, businesses face the new challenge of protecting their brand namespace, online. For example, if the name of your business is John’s Hosting and you already have, it would make good business sense to protect your online namespace by registering related extensions. John’s Hosting can be protected by securing domains such as johns.HOST, johnshosting.EMAIL, johnshosting.WEBSITE or johnshosting.ONLINE.


Registering certain domain extensions can also help businesses expand. Using John’s Hosting as an example, if they wanted to grow their website builder business, they could register johnshosting.BUILD and launch a microsite focused on developing that side of their business.

Whether you use your new URL as a new entry point to an existing website or you wish to expand or enhance your existing operations like the John’s Hosting example, the only limit is your own creativity.

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