Last week at HostingCon we introduced our new video production service, which allows our resellers to create affordable, professional-quality videos through Tucows’ video production division, Butterscotch. Since 2008, Butterscotch has specialized in video tutorials for everything related to the mobile lifestyle: apps, social media, mobile devices, and more, and has produced video for clients such as eBay, VeriSign, and Hover.

The idea for this new service stemmed from several requests from resellers looking for video content solutions for everything from how-to training videos for their hosting control panels to company branding and promotional videos.

With OpenSRS video production service, our resellers are now able to work with Butterscotch to create a series of one-minute videos. This is a cost-effective way to produce a series of how-to tutorials to reduce support costs, or promotional videos to showcase a new service. Video packages include full script development, professional voiceover, visual elements, and more, at just a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at a traditional production house.

Whether you’re interested in a standard video package or a more custom solution, video production doesn’t have to be expensive. Talk to us about your needs and get a quote for your package on the video production service page.