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If you’ve opened a ticket with us in the past week or so, then you’ve probably already noticed something new. We recently transitioned to a new platform for OpenSRS Help and Support.

The cutover went quite smoothly. The new ticket system for Reseller Support offers some great new things for you – ticket history, the ability to view and update tickets via the web (and on mobile devices), and a clean new look and feel.

New Forums, Knowledge Bases and Announcements Sections

Along with the new ticketing system comes new Community Forums, Knowledge Bases and Announcements sections.

The new forums are integrated into the ticketing system now and we have the ability to promote forum posts into tickets when it makes sense. Our goal is to give you more support options – email, phone, public forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You’ll also note a new “Feature Requests” forum. This one operates a bit differently and allows you to make a request for something you’d like to see from OpenSRS, and vote on requests that have been made. We don’t promise to add every new feature that’s requested, but we do pledge to consider each and every one thoughtfully. It’s visible only when you are logged in to the OpenSRS Help & Support site.

The Knowledge Bases (for services and integration) are a bit on the empty side right now, but we’ll be filling those up with articles and content over the next few weeks. Feel free to suggest articles to us. We expect this to become a significant resource for our Resellers and it’s something we’ve wanted to provide for a long time.

We’ve created an Announcements section as well. That will be home to things like Incident Reports, service release notes, Maintenance notifications, support updates (like holiday hours) and any other bits of info we need to pass along to you. Some of these areas are only visible to logged in users.

A couple of notes

  • You’ll have to create a new login for OpenSRS Help & Support. We’re working on integrating your Reseller account login with this support site, but until we have support on the OpenSRS side for multiple logins for a single Reseller account (coming soon!), we’re going to keep things separate.
  • Those of you who already had forum accounts, sorry…you’ll need to create a new account (which will also function as your Reseller Support account). We’ve shut off posting on the old forums, but we’ll leave that content up in a “read-only” state for now in case you want to reference anything.

Take a look!

We invite you to head over and create an account today. Please feel free to provide any feedback in the General forum – we’re committed to making this a great resource site for you. Let us know what works and what doesn’t and provide us with suggestions on Knowledge Base articles and other ways we can provide better support.

4 thoughts on “OpenSRS Help & Support

  1. You know, I hate to be the negative guy, the picker of low-hanging fruit, but besides my dislike of HTML email for simple support requests (not to mention the fact that the emails don’t include the full conversation), the phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” comes to mind. Why expend effort in an area that doesn’t need it when the “new” RWI sits half baked? Will we ever see the RWI dragged out of the 90’s?

  2. The new Control Panel was introduced last year and work continues to add the required functionality so it completely replaces the RWI. We’re actively working on that project as we speak.

    I’ll pass along the feedback on the HTML emails and the lack of the full conversations.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. For those of us who just arrived, and weren’t registered with the old forum/s–if we register in the new forum, will we have access to the archives from the old one?

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