New OpenSRS status site launches on July 2

We are planning to cutover to the newly updated OpenSRS Status website on Tuesday, July 2. It will be at the same URL as the current site –

The new site looks and works better (especially on mobile devices), providing more descriptive updates. You can read about all the improvements and changes in this post.

As promised, for those that use the RSS feeds, here’s a list of the new feeds that you may wish to follow (note that these will be 404 Not Found until the new site launches on Tuesday):

Services RSS feeds:

Control panels and APIs RSS feeds:

gTLDs and specialty ccTLDs registries RSS feeds:

ccTLDs RSS feeds:

Real-time updates will continue to be posted to Twitter. Follow @OpenSRSStatus.

We’ve been running the site internally to work out any kinks or bugs. As a result, there are status updates in the system going back to about the beginning of March 2013.

We don’t anticipate running into any issues with the new site, but we’ll be looking at how it works in the first few months to ensure that we’re fulfilling the mandate of providing clear, concise and timely updates to you with the new site.

8 thoughts on “New OpenSRS status site launches on July 2

  1. If you have taken the time to create a lovely new website; would it really be that hard to 301 redirect some of the similar RSS feed URL’s!?

  2. I can and will put some 301s in place for a couple of categories (the main services like email, domains and trust, for example), but we’re doing a big reorganization of how we categorize things at the same time so many more will have no equivalent feed on the other side (like the specific tlds and the API and interface feeds).

  3. There has been a TERRIBLE bug in the system. I got charge 2 years for a domain I cancelled a year ago. Also many of my domains switched from ” Expire with Notifications” to ” Auto-Renew” .. This is really disappointing. Also, I had like $34 USD on the funds and now I have – $63 USD. I never realized this would happend (OpenSRS taking funds without having them.).
    I have emailed support and I received automated responses only. And a Custom response from “John Moffat” but he never replied back my email concerning about this bug.

    What can I client do when OpenSRS throw a menace to kidnap your domain?
    Hope I get a proper response from Support and they digg into this issue.
    Rodrigo V.

  4. Hi Rodrigo – I am sorry that you had not received the response back. We are continuing to look into the problem that you
    had reported and are working with other members of the team to get this
    resolved. In the interim, I have responded to your ticket, and
    have credited your account with the funds in question.

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