Every year, around the end of September and early October, a greater percentage of .mobi domain names come up for renewal. That’s because the .mobi domain extension launched beginning in September 2006 with a land rush on September 22nd, and general availability on October 11, 2006.

Many people who bought their .mobi domain names around the launch still have them and as a result, it’s worth it to do a specific campaign around .mobi renewals to remind your customers to renew their names now to avoid having them expire.

dotMobi marketing kit for openSRS resellers

We worked with the dotMobi registry to put together a special marketing package for OpenSRS Resellers to use. You’ll find logos, stats and other information that you can use to reinforce the .mobi value proposition. You’ll also find some ready-to-use email copy that you can plug into your existing email templates, or use on your website to help encourage renewals.

Visit our .mobi marketing resource page to learn more and download the package.