It’s sometimes easy to forget that domain names aren’t something that the average person is familiar with. Working in the hosting or Internet industry, understanding how different domain extensions work is just part of daily life. For those familiar with how domains are bought and sold, the concept of premium domain names and the domain name aftermarket is fairly basic.

But for the general public, these things can be confusing – they often have no clue that they can easily buy a .co or .us domain name, or that they might be able to get a perfect domain name for their business through the domain name aftermarket.

To help educate customers, we created a pair of example videos that explain in simple terms exactly what the different domain name extensions are and also what premium names are.

Have a look:


Help your customers buy from you

We talk a lot about offering suggestions to your customers using our Name Suggest domain search API rather than just offering a yes/no answer with domain availability. It really provides a boost to sales if you pair those results with some information to help potential customers make sense of the different kinds of results that are presented when they do their domain searches.

It’s something that’s not all that difficult to create and build into a search results page, but it can really pay off in terms of improved conversion rates on domain searches, and the purchase of associated services like hosting or email.

Take a look at the videos and think about some of the different things you can do on your own site to help educate and guide your customers (both potential and current) through your specific sales processes.