Across all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to refresh, rethink, and in some cases, establish for the first time, their online home. Many are looking for ways to infuse their online presence and customer experience with greater authenticity and empathy. Because creating a sense of community online is more important than ever.

Today, we’re highlighting the .ME domain extension, a great TLD option for businesses that want to prioritize keeping things personal, real, and human. Here’s what makes .ME great.

It creates a memorable first impression

Intense competition, and the many buying options available to consumers today, make it imperative for B2C businesses to offer a high degree of personalization and customization. To gain a competitive advantage and encourage brand loyalty, businesses all over the world are building more personal relationships with consumers.

It isn’t surprising then, that a growing number of businesses are choosing .ME as their online home. By pairing their brand’s name with this uniquely personal domain extension, they get a powerful asset that can help them make a statement online, get noticed, or, as we’ll see below, shift the focus to the customer.

.ME lends itself to some marketable domain names

.ME gives website owners the chance to coin punchy catchphrases that instantly communicate what their business is all about. We can all agree that domains like,,, and, to name just a few potentials, are super memorable.

If you want an real life example, take a look at Call.ME or Allow.ME, who have used the .ME extension to turn their brand name and URL into an engaging call to action.

Call.ME is a simple, clever domain name with a clear purpose. Back in the day, SecurCom acquired the domain Call.ME, transforming the business name and website address of their new service into a call to action. Now, their customers can use a Call.ME domain name when communicating with their friends and colleagues. By turning their company name into a call to action, they created something self-explanatory and easy to remember. Similarly, Allow.ME, a web-based event management system, makes use of a premium domain name that prompts you into action.

But not all .ME catchphrases are premium domain names. If you’re going for fun and playful branding, the possibilities are endless. Themify.ME, a platform for premium WordPress themes and plugins, and Drupalize.ME, the world’s leading Drupal training service, are great examples of standard domain names that communicate a business’s selling proposition in a website link.

It works great as a URL shortener

In fact, a lot of big brands are using it for this purpose. Facebook put its trust in .ME by using to redirect to the main Facebook website and as a short URL for their Messenger app. Other high-profile companies that use .ME for short URLs include DeviantArt (, IndieGoGo ( and AirBNB (

Why domain resellers should offer .ME

Alongside the many reasons why .ME appeals to business owners, the extension also offers a few more technical advantages that make it a great (and easy) addition to your TLD lineup.

It has universal acceptance, which means you can sell it globally

.ME has a personal meaning in multiple languages and supports over twenty IDN scripts,
helping businesses from all over the world build their brands online.

It’s a trusted domain

The .ME registry monitors the namespace for spam, phishing, malware, and other forms of abuse on a daily basis. Domain holders can also activate DNSSEC for extra protection.

No restrictions

.ME keeps the registration process short and simple. It’s easy to implement and register with no restrictions or additional requirements.

Help your small business customers stand out online

A domain name is foundational to any business that operates online. It’s the link that their customers click on to arrive at their site. It’s the most important ingredient in word-of-mouth-referrals. It’s important that it be short, catchy, and inviting. With .ME, your customers can get creative and ensure their virtual signpost is real, human, and memorable.

Oh, and as a cool bonus, it’s worth letting website owners know that .ME likes to feature businesses and individuals who have registered a .ME domain name on The ME Blog. (Always nice to have a backlink!). The blog is also a great resource for everything related to online business, from advice on how to choose a domain name to help in the fields of marketing, development and many more.

This post was sponsored by the .ME registry.