OpenSRS WHMCS Module Now Available

Note: an new, updated set of plugins for WHMCS are available through our website. Visit: for more information.

We’re happy to announce a new officially supported module that integrates OpenSRS into the popular hosting control panel WHMCS. This module is developed by OpenSRS for use by our Resellers.

This first public release of the WHMCS Plugin for OpenSRS includes:

  • Improved support for ccTLDs
  • Name Suggestion Tool lookups
  • Full DNS Management (using the OpenSRS DNS Service)
  • EPP Lookup support
  • Domain renewal support
  • Nameserver registration
  • Improved Administration Interface
  • Whois Privacy support including the ability enable and disable WHOIS Privacy
  • Tech contact locking
  • Registrant username and password bypass
  • Increased security
  • Better authentication error handling/messaging

Available for Download Now

Download the current release (v4.5) in .ZIP format: WHMCS OpenSRS Module v4.5 (574KB).

Visit for more information on updated WHMCS plugins for OpenSRS services.

Other 3rd Party Tools

This new WHMCS plugin gives our Resellers more ways to integrate with OpenSRS. We are also working on official plugins for Parallels including PBA, PBAS and Parallels Plesk as we announced at HostingCon 2011.

For a full listing of third-party hosting panels and billing systems that feature OpenSRS support, visit our our 3rd Party Plugins page.

17 thoughts on “OpenSRS WHMCS Module Now Available

  1. Hi … does the new module support IDN Domain registrations. The original module supplied with WHMCS does not.
    Thanks … Dave

  2. Hi Henry –

    There is an existing OpenSRS/AWBS integration provided by AWBS. More information on how to configure it can be found here:

    Have you used that module? We’re definitely interested in any feedback you might have about it, but keep in mind that it was developed by AWBS and not OpenSRS.

  3. I’m really curious why WHMCS knows nothing about this and is not recommending installing this. Was it not done in conjunction with them. I did look at and install this package before. But it was wiped out in the next WHMCS update . I was told because it wasn’t linked to their code it would continue to occur

  4. Hi Greg,

    The existing WHMCS-built plugin only worked for some of the domains we support, and it didn’t use our advanced lookup functionality. We opted to build our own plugin so that we could provide a better experience that takes advantage of some of the great new stuff we’ve added to our API over the last couple of years.

    We’re committed to providing full support for the plugin from our end. I can’t speak for WHMCS and why they’ve told you not to install it. We’re confident the plugin we’re providing is the best way for WHMCS users to integrate with OpenSRS.

  5. On the readme you said:” This WHMCS module changes the format of the username and password for domains.  To migrate from the old OpenSRS WHMCS module to this one the username and password for all domains will need to be updated to the new format.”

    I already have few hundred domains registered with the old plugin.. so i´m a little confused about how do i have to change them…

  6. WHMCS insists your module breaks there install I do know we tried to install it once and when we ran into trouble we had absolutely no response to support requests for help. The folks on you tech support line knew nothing about it.
    I would be glad to install it here but who pays my time if it crashes things again
    and it a WHMCS upgrade breaks it whats the sense.

  7. I’d like to know if you plan to develop integration to the e-mail system?

    And if this module works with the latest WHMCS?

  8. Hi Is this tool compatible with the new version of WHMCS 5.0? If Not, do you know if OpenSrs will update this version?

  9. We get errors when submitting comodo csr’s for SSL saying invalid server type (Apache / modSSL and others chosen) we have to change to “Other” to submit CSRs for this type of SSL

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