OpenSRS and Parallels Announce Alliance

This morning at HostingCon 2011, OpenSRS and Parallels announced a new partnership that will help Parallels and OpenSRS customers better serve their users with the web services and tools they need to effectively compete and grow.

Direct Integration in Parallels PBA, PBAS and Parallels Plesk

The net result of this new partnership is that OpenSRS will have a direct integration with Parallels Business Automation, Parallels Business Automation Standard and Parallels Plesk Panel billing platforms.

The new Parallels integration will incorporate domain names as well as SSL certificates in the first release. We’re working to get all OpenSRS services fully integrated into Parallels, including email and goMobi as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about Parallels and OpenSRS, drop by our booth at HostingCon this week and we’ll be happy to tell you more. You can read the full news release here.

11 thoughts on “OpenSRS and Parallels Announce Alliance

  1. Now that this is done is OpenSRS going to finalize the integration into WHMCS and cPanel?
    Those are product that is more likley used by smaller hosts! The smaller hosts are OpenSRS’s bread and butter after all!

  2. Having dealt with Parallels in the past, this is not good news. Before
    the ink is dry, check their past track record with others.

  3. We’ve been working with WHMCS pretty actively and continue to look for ways to make the process of working with both services easier. I don’t think we’re as far along with our cPanel work but we want to support resellers using that control panel as well. Keep an eye on our blog and the “Integration” section of the OpenSRS site.

  4. We’ve had a great long-term relationship with Parallels since both companies were very young. Naturally YMMV, but we’re pretty happy working with them.

  5. That’s fine and as long as they don’t touch me as an OpenSRS reseller, I’ll continue to work with OpenSRS. However, if I am forced to deal with them, I will leave.

  6. This month makes it 14 months since we was told that last time Ken! We were given access to the WHMCS development to work on our own. We ended up dropping the project as our contact in your house never responded to any email we sent. calling the same result.

  7. Ken,

    I was the one who ended up sending in the code to get the OpenSRS module to where it can register name servers.  I agree with some of the others here.  I would like to see a proper module developed for WHMCS.  I have used Parallels in the past and would never recommend them to anyone.


  8. Thanks Brett. Be assured that our excitement in integrating with Parallels doesn’t diminish our excitement in integrating with WHMCS and other control panel platforms.

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